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I have been getting asked more and more about Facebook Live over the past few weeks, so I thought I would chime in on the topic. While it is still in it’s infancy, you can already see the potential of this content sharing vehicle.  When all is said and done, I predict it will be a real game changer.

In the macro, it is a really big deal. As the land grab continues on streaming content (think Netflix and Hulu) as well as other players trying to grow their foothold (think YouTube Red and even Apple’s moves towards Hollywood and owned, created content) Facebook is flexing the muscle of its massive platform and is making big waves. Zucks is obsessed with FB Live as it fits so nicely into the core ethos at The Social Network, and it is such a simple and easy way to be in the game.

They are going long on the ability to easily deliver content to a very targeted audience and leveraging heavy hitters on the platform such as Vin Diesel, who has recently offered some behind the scenes videos from the set of of his reprisal of XXX or Whoopi Goldberg who broadcasted her experience from The Oscars this year and earned 2million+ views when all was said and done.  People are watching and what’s better, the content creator can (and usually does) engage with the viewers in the comments, creating a dialogue rather than just another one way medium.  It is a win for Facebook and for both the talent and the audience too.

From a brand or small business POV, Facebook live is a tremendous vehicle to broadcast real content and to engage with fans and customers in a direct one to one format. It is not for everyone, but for those who have the chops it can really pay off. Be prepared before you go live. You don’t want to just be on camera and live streaming to your community without a plan of what you generally want to say. Just going live for the sake of it and then babbling about nothing specific, can actually move people backwards in the sale’s cycle – so think first, before streaming!

Fitmark is doing an excellent job with this new tool and it is translating into chatter and revenue for their brand.  They have always been early innovators on Facebook and have been quick to jump on new features before the rest, to get a head start. By hosting their #AskFitmark show there and/or just live streaming their charismatic CEO Mark Samuel in and around the office, they are winning with this feature.

If done right it can be an amazing way to tell your story, sell your products and develop your community. That is the whole point of social media, isn’t it?


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