Promoting Pins on Pinterest

Courtesy Of: Hot Potato Social Media

Courtesy Of: Hot Potato Social Media

Pinterest has become an increasingly popular way for brands to market themselves online. Now, Pinterest is offering ways for companies to promote their pins and get more people seeing their pins at the best times. Social Media Examiner put together a list of ways for companies to find success with promoted pins.

1) Focus on your content. Make sure the photos you post are high quality and visually interesting. Viewers will especially connect with images they can connect with emotionally. And once you get the hang of posting, switch it up. Don’t keep posting the same types of things over and over—people will lose interest.
2) Use good keywords. Make sure your tags and keywords are creative, relevant, and use an array of specific and broad terms.
3) Make sure you target specific audiences. Create specific content to engage the types of people you know are viewing your posts.
4) Keep in mind that things posted on Pinterest are there for good. It is essential that you plan for the long-term.
5) When you first start out, don’t hesitate to bid aggressively. This will help you gain traction.

Remember that Pinterest is unique in that it is a visual and search-driven website, so creating great content and engaging your target audience is both equally important. With high quality images and the right keywords, promoted pins could be a huge benefit to your company.

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