Scribe Video Vibe!

Whiteboard Animation videos teach through SIGHT & STORY
83% of learning occurs visually, 11% by hearing and the brain processes information best through storytelling. Video Scribing optimizes all three making it crazy brain food.

Whiteboard Video Scribing KEEPS ATTENTION longer
Whiteboard animation grabs attention with continuous motion and keeps it by constantly revealing new images, resulting in viewers that happily give 5, 10, or 15+ minutes of their time.

Your message is REMEMBERED LONGER after viewing…
When you combine audio and video message retention jumps to 65%, almost 2x more effective than video alone, and morethan 6x more effective than audio alone. Whiteboard animation heavily leverages that powerful combination to delivery your message.

Why you should create one?
These videos are the most effective way to tell your story, sell a product or explain a service to your target audience.  This format can be used for education, customer service, recruiting, sales and marketing making it a very cost effective tool for a business.

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