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Name: Alexis Jordana Levy

What made you get into social media? My love affair with social media became public in 2011. While I had to explain my infatuation to a lot of people who just didn’t understand, I knew it was the real thing. Ha! All kidding aside, I am always connected, whether it be on Facebook, catching up with friends or family I haven’t talked to (who am I kidding? I’m chatting with people I see on a daily basis), tweeting, instagramming photos of my adorable Bichon Frise, or pinning new recipes or my favorite fashions.

My personal use of social media, as well as building my own brand () has only made me more passionate about it as my career. I love taking on new brands as my own, and seeing them grow and reach their full potential. How exciting!

Where were you born? Hartford, CT (grew up in West Hartford)

How old are you? 26


What is your favorite color and why? Purple (light), there is just something so soothing, yet fun about the color.

Favorite TV show: The Bachelor and no, I’m not afraid to admit to it!

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? Run This Town by Rihanna & Eminem

Favorite designer: Kate Spade. I just love her colorful, bold, girly, yet chic designs. I can’t walk into the store without spending minimum $200. :

3 things I can’t be without: Coffee, my iPhone (social media), and my dog, Ozzie

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Mark Teixeira! I know, sounds so random but I have had the biggest crush on him since he came to the Yankees (I mean, who doesn’t love a man in pinstripes) but his seemingly humble nature, along with his dark features make him so sexy!

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