Sircle Sessions: When is it time to hire an agency?

When running a business there are a myriad of decisions you need to make each day, week and month to be successful.  As a brand grows, you also need to start making some choices that will take you out of your comfort zone and allow you to leap forward, faster.

I always say that you shouldn’t hire anyone to do anything for you that you can do better and/or faster yourself. That being said, you also need to assess the bigger picture and realize that you can’t win by doing it all on your own. Sure, if you can save the cost (financial and opportunity) that might be best for you, but not if that means you aren’t focused on other areas of your business that might need your time and attention more.

Once a brand is in full stride and you make a threshold decision that you need to hire a person to handle social media (trust me you do) then an agency model makes a ton of sense. Most companies cant afford to guess wrong with this staffing move and given the price they want to pay, it is highly likely that they will with an inexperienced junior level employee.  Conversely, a high priced retainer that most agencies pitch is daunting and often leads to most businesses choosing to go at it alone.

An agency focused on outsourced social media management should toe the line and provide agency prowess at an entry level price point. Enter Sircle Media.