Social Media Design Cheat Sheet!

We came across this incredibly useful infographic created by Lunametrics and just felt compelled to share it.  It is incredibly useful in setting up Social Media Profiles to ensure that your branding and message are well presented and consistent with best practices by platform.  It breaks down the different social networks in great detail and even taught us a thing or two that we have already been passing on to our clients.  So many profiles look out of place or have a subpar brand footprint because whoever created them didnt have the ideal dimensions in mind.  With this graphic, now they do!


It is also incredibly useful for Community Managers, especially on Facebook.  It breaks out posts, highlighted posts, app images and even all of the different Ad dimensions.  This is such a useful resource in helping you govern day to day communications.  It can and will make a big difference and we highly recommend you save it and USE it right away.

The image we provided here is just a tiny snapshot.  The full image can be found here.  Enjoy!

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