Social Media Sells S%#t- True Story

10177973_10152328726051405_500588947954939462_nAs highlighted in a previous blog post, Pinterest is a strong driver of e-commerce. It is an incredible way to engage with interested users and show them both your products (with links back to your website) and things that inspire you. Our client Aquatalia, A Luxury Italian Made Footwear Brand is playing the game the right way on this platform. We created a lifestyle inspiration board for them that highlights the travels of an Aquatalia woman and helps us paint the right picture and set the mood for our target demographic.

We pin new images and re-pin other user’s content on a weekly basis to effectively community build.  It is a grind, but as the results here show, it is a worthy endeavor. Here a woman who was looking to travel to Paris was intrigued when she saw this pin. She now had a forum to reach out and decided to strike up a conversation with us, which is kind of the whole point, right?

Again, we provided a lifestyle shot that interested a potential Aquatalia customer who might not have even known about the brand beforehand.  The Eiffel Tower brought us together here it seems, and it was love at first sight. (Paris is good like that, isn’t it!) Anyway, the customer reached out and “spoke” to us on Pinterest.  We were listening and responded immediately, to help her with her needs.. She took our advice and followed our lead to a sale.  AND a $495 price point to boot (pun fully intended) What a Social Media WIN!Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 12.13.59 PM

Steps to win big on Pinterest:

1. Create community building boards (i.e. travel spots that inspire your brand and/or your audience?)

2. Re-pin and comment frequently

3. Stay active, listen and look for one-to-one conversations

4. Give people what they want (you will see better results and they will be more engaged)

5. Use group boards (this will allow you to extend your brands reach and engage users on a larger scale)