Successfully Monitor Your Brand Using Facebook Pages


With Facebook’s constant changes, it is very important to continue to monitor your brand using your Facebook page tools. Whether you are having trouble finding compelling content to share with your fans or not, it is crucial that your brand is taking advantage of the tools that can help you understand your fans, industry and perhaps of equal importance, your competition.

Facebook continues to create tools to help page admins have increased and improved visibility so they can make more informed decisions with their content.  As page reach continues to decline it makes it even more important to be calculated in your content approach and storytelling.



According to Social Media Examiner, there are 5 must-haves that a brand should take into consideration:

1. Create a monitoring system

2. Add functionality

3. Find trending hashtags to use

4. Create engaging, striking images

5. Good content creation tools

Take a closer look at the 5 Facebook page tools to better monitor your brand on Social Media Examiner:

Facebook also recently updated one of their mobile applications, rolling out version 3.0 of it’s Pages Manager for iOS. New features afford you the ability as a page administrator to pin and unpin posts on their pages.

Key new features:

  • Pin and unpin posts to the top of the page timeline
  • Create and edit events on the iPad
  • Import phone contacts and invite them to like your page (U.S. only)
  • Turn photos on your page timeline and photo albums into profile pictures

At Sircle Media, we always try to take advantage of each and every tool within Facebook Pages on behalf of our clients.  We do this to make sure we are monitoring what is being said, who is interacting with them, what content is curated the most and what engages people.  Using the new Pages App. and the Pages To Watch Feature, offer us great tools to do so.