Rolling in the Deep: Instagram Analytics


This week Instagram launched deeper analytics for advertisers. With these analytics they offer greater visibility into how their campaigns are performing on the network.

The new metrics, similar to impressions, reach and engagement will be great tools to provide data to advertisers and marketers. According to Mashable, the Facebook-owned photo social platform plans to start the program to all potential advertisers in the coming months. For now, instagram has rolled out to their ad partners. Their ad partners range from Levi’s to Taco Bell.

These analytics will allow advertisers and marketers see an age and sex breakdown of users who are interacting with the brands. Moreover, there will be visibility to how an ad on Instagram will look like on a mobile phone. Advertisers can also get a detailed view of the posts and ads they have previously done. They can sort it out by chronology, impressions and likes. Instragram also created a raw data feed, which advertisers and marketers can use to sort data.

With these deeper analytics it will be easier to see which creative outlet works the best for various brands.

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Hootsuite Acquires uberVU: What This Means for Brands

Social media management tool, Hootsuite has recently acquired uberVU, a social analytics solution. uberVU’s goal, as stated on their website is to “give marketers the social tools they need to build deeper customer relationships”. Some of uberVU’s clients consist of L’occitane, IndieGogo, 3M, NBC, Heinz, SC Johnson, and Getty Images.

uberVU’s technology allows brands to:

  • Discover marketing insights: Customers can easily view analytics to understand the most effective ways of engaging with their audiences.
  • Streamline reporting: Customers can quickly detect real-time increases in location, demographics, feeling, and determine top influencer mentions.
  • Drive content marketing: Customers can identify top trending stories and advise applicable content to post directly to social media platforms.
  • Understand the social audience: Customers can develop custom reports using templates that can be easily exported to share with others in the company.

It’s the first acquisition by HootSuite after the $165 million round they raised last year. UberVU, founded in London in 2008 but now HQ’d in Boston, got its first leg up via Seedcamp with $586,000.

This acquisition will certainly give Hootsuite the edge, as well as give customers an expanded product offering. Right now, about 95% of HootSuite’s 8 million users are using the free product. uberVU will help Hootsuite offer more premium, paid service in the long run. While Hootsuite’s current client base is about 75% of fortune 500 companies, uberVU brings a wide array of enterprise customers (see above).

“By joining HootSuite we are realizing our vision to bring analytics to the front and center of the social business,” says Mark Pascarella, CEO of uberVU. “This acquisition is a testament to the strength of our platform, and we are thrilled to be part of HootSuite’s exciting story.”


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Nimble and Traackr Integrate!


Traackr (an influence platform) and Nimble (a social customer relationship management platform) integrated together to create a more effective management of influencer outreach programs. You have “Traackr’s contextual influencer identification and content tracking coupled with relationship management tools that enable you to create a plan, implement that plan, document the results, and even follow-up periodically with a complete interaction history.”

This new integration provides new contact details, personal and professional milestones.  It also gas RFP (request for proposal) timescales, deciding factors, competitive influencers, and peer connections, all in one place.

This really allows you to understand your potential and existing customers. It combines social online behaviors and software that monitors, analyzes, segments, and recommends. It combines the customers and the analytics all in one place.

Influence could be used as a tracking tool, not only as a promotional and social share tool. Alerts are set up to monitor any spikes in activity or the mention of keywords that would suggest the intention to buy soon.

It now allows companies to “fine-tune” their own offerings based on how their clients are using the new combination.

To check out more about this new integration, click HERE.

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