Meerkating: The New Marketing?


The Meerkat App has been creating a lot of buzz lately and is poised to be a potential game changer in the social media content space.  Yes you have definitely heard that line before, but this time it might be true.

It is a very simple concept: live streaming video content that is linked to Twitter, but the meaning and impact of it are much more profound.  Now anyone with a phone and the app can share their experiences, live with all corners of the world.  There is sure to be some very dull content making its way around, but imagine the impact it can have on news as it unfolds.  Especially with the ability for tweeting back to the streamer (publisher) of the video in real time and engaging in conversation on the content.

Brands will find creative ways to get involved and control the conversation from their point of view and consumers will get unique access that they haven’t had before.  This article on highlights some of the concerns regarding how you can limit the streaming of content that is restricted and that is certain to become a very hot topic on the coming months.

For now, we suggest you download the app and take it for a spin.  Unleash your inner Meerkat.

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A New Fashion and Social App: Cloth

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 5.05.12 PM

A new fashion app has just been launched call Cloth.

Cloth was in beta testing for two years and publicly launched on the app store on Wednesday.

Cloth allows its users to post their daily outfits, allowing them to get feedback from friends through likes and comments.

The app was created by journalist Seth Porges. “The goal has always been to make getting dressed easier and more fun,” said Porges. “We wanted to make an app that enhances how people are already using their phones and fashion together, without forcing them into unnatural actions that they aren’t already doing.”

One nice feature is that the app includes weather notifications to help its users get dressed each day.

To read more about this new app, click here.

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Hyperlapse: What’s The Hype?

Hyperlapse 2

Due to the massive trend of photo-focused standalone apps, Instagram decided to release their version in order to start another social media buzz. Instagram’s latest app, which is called Hyperlapse, is simple, elegant and extremely useful.

The app, which was released last week, allows users to quickly and easily create on-the-go-time-lapse videos, something that has not been effectively accomplished on mobile devices, until now. Members of Instagram released a statement saying, “we designed Hyperlapse to be as simple as possible.”

But wait, how easy are we talking about?

Well, it has only been a week, and so far based on reviews it seems that they accomplished the goal of making it user friendly. So here is how you use the app; record a video, select a playback speed, save and share. No additional editing, tweaking or user account required. Yeah, it really is that easy!

So do you have a passion for making cool videos and sharing them with your friends, but you are not a professional photographer? Well you are in luck, because regardless of how long or expertly-crafted your videos are, having a super simple app like Hyperlapse is a game changer for amateurs.

If you would like to read more about Hyperlapse, and a detailed breakdown of the features click here.

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