Rolling in the Deep: Instagram Analytics


This week Instagram launched deeper analytics for advertisers. With these analytics they offer greater visibility into how their campaigns are performing on the network.

The new metrics, similar to impressions, reach and engagement will be great tools to provide data to advertisers and marketers. According to Mashable, the Facebook-owned photo social platform plans to start the program to all potential advertisers in the coming months. For now, instagram has rolled out to their ad partners. Their ad partners range from Levi’s to Taco Bell.

These analytics will allow advertisers and marketers see an age and sex breakdown of users who are interacting with the brands. Moreover, there will be visibility to how an ad on Instagram will look like on a mobile phone. Advertisers can also get a detailed view of the posts and ads they have previously done. They can sort it out by chronology, impressions and likes. Instragram also created a raw data feed, which advertisers and marketers can use to sort data.

With these deeper analytics it will be easier to see which creative outlet works the best for various brands.

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Sircle Media’s Brand Specialist- Fenton Joseph

Fenton Joseph is an interesting character who brings such an amazing perspective to the Sircle Media family.  He has such a great eye for branding and his insight proves incredibly useful for our many clients.  We sat down to get to know him a bit better, and this is what we found out.

What is your name? Fenton Joseph 

What made you get into social media? I got my start in the music industry, using social networks like MySpace to promote the artists I produced. I guess you could say I was an early adopter, mostly due to my age. One by one Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all popped up as I was actively searching for new ways to get music out into the world outside of the conventional record industry outlets. Totally lived the DIY revolution.

Where were you born?  Brooklyn! NY

How old are you?  31

What is your favorite color and why? Silver? Because my car never looks dirty.

Best comedy film of all time? Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

What was the last song you listened to on your IPod? I don’t own an iPod. I have an iPhone for that. That said, I don’t listen to music on my iPhone because the audio quality is really bad. I listen to music at home on my professional monitoring setup. Audio snob much?

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Maya Angelou. Because I am in a committed relationship and going to lunch with Maya Angelou would in no way constitute a “date”. It would, however, still make for great conversation.

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Beats By Dre: Branding 101

Clients ask me all the time to name some brands who are “doing it right”!  Those who are playing the content game and exploiting social media vehicles to extend the reach and relevancy of their brand.  Now there are many that come to mind, but one that really stands out to me is Beats By Dre!

This is a relatively new brand, launching in a very competitive space. Not to mention that the average price tag is high during a time when the economy is way down. You wouldn’t know it though walking the streets of NYC on any given day. In fact I was on a Subway recently and I counted 17 pairs in just one car!

#Respect the #Marketshare

They are doing a tremendous job with content creation and distribution by using social platforms, especially Instagram! Sure it doesn’t hurt that they are backed by major star power driven by Dr. Dre, but that doesnt guarantee success on its own of course. It is about the execution and commitment to an excellent brand.  Take a look at their website and tool around a bit. I am sure you will be as impressed as I am!




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Thank You Mom

I was just passed this video by a friend in the advertising world and as I watched it I literally got the chills. I am no Olympic Athlete, but I found myself wanting to pick up the phone to call my mom to thank her for travelling to all of the soccer and lacrosse games (sometimes in the miserable weather) with me when I was a kid.

In this video, the content, the music and the editing all conjures up real emotions in the viewer. That is truly powerful stuff. I love the way the subtly drop in the back story of the cooking and cleaning and behind the scenes stuff mom is doing on top of the dedication along side their child of getting up early and traveling each morning.

Click the image to watch the video, and you will see what I mean!

Great job Proctor and Gamble. This is great social content, that showcases your products as a supporting cast to the real story. Well done!



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Adidas is All IN!

“Adidas is all in” is the new ad campaign for the sportswear brand. The filmmaker Romain Gavras chooses to film Katy Perry, B.O.B., Lionel Messi, David Beckman, Derrick Rose, Dennis Busenitz and The Like during their daily life. The spot’s song is “Civilization” by the French group Justice.

Adidas is All IN.

This ad is so powerful and captures so much without saying a word. I am a big fan of the feeling and vibe created here. Well done Adidas!

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Stella Artois: A beer I have loved since 1994

I first discovered Stella Artois in the summer of 1994 while studying abroad in Cambridge England. I was 17 years old and thought I knew a lot about drinking (and everything for that matter) but was really just another “kid” who was widely mistaken. That summer I spent 31 nights in the Cambridge Dorms and despite strict non drinking rules enforced by my program, I was nearly fall down drunk on 29 of those nights.

The drink of choice that summer was Stella Artois a Belgian beer that was not sold in the US. At the time they were not incredibly well known outside of European drinking circles, but had been around since 1366, longer than the US. The beer had a great taste and i was convinced they would “kill it” in the US. So much so that upon my return I wrote a letter to the company trying to convince them to let me set up distribution rights through New York. They actually responded and told me “thank you for your interest in our great beer, but we currently have no plans to open up distribution to the states.” That was in August of 1994. Clearly that plan changed. Nowadays you find “Stella” on tap and in bottles at every bar you go to. I guess us stateside alcohol drinkers were just too valuable to pass up? I am still a big fan, though my tastes and experience in beer have grown vastly over the past 18 years.

So why am i writing about them here? While riding the subway the other day, I noticed that a 6 train car was completely draped in Stella Artois Ads. Probably not what the Brewmasters had in mind back in 1336. Anyway I snapped a couple of photos of their recent ads. I think they are completely off with their message, the content and the forum are not a connect. It’s a chalice, not a glass? Don’t love it, i mean come on! You are targeting NYC commuters who are crammed into a subterranean train going to and from work each day. I think this is a very expensive venue and a squandered opportunity. I think most people will have no idea what a Chalice is, and ever worse i don’t think they will care. I wish they would have taken a different approach, and I am fairly certain this one won’t hit the mark.

Come on Stella, you are betta than that!

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Client Spotlight: Fitmark Bags

One of our newest clients, Fitmark Bags is making big moves with social media and they dont even have a product for sale yet. They came to us back in early December and their objective was to build a passionate community of fitness enthusiasts. Their plan was to launch their product at the end of Q1/beginning of Q2, but it was imperative to harness the power of this viral and loyal crowd right away.

We launched a “coming soon” website with a countdown to launch to create a feeling of excitement and anticipation, around this new and innovative product for the fitness industry. We then built a clean and crisp branded Facebook interface to grow their fan community. They hired Sircle Media to create a social strategy document for them and they committed with the vigor and intensity of a true fitness enthusiast to follow it religiously over the first 90 days.

This commitment has paid off and continues to produce results. It is the perfect balance of smart social strategy/direction and relentless execution.

True Organic Milestones:
2600 Fans within first 35 days
4000 Fans within first 59 days
1400 Twitter Followers within first 45 days

“We stand for the fitness enthusiast. We’re a bag company first, and we’re all about looking good. It so happens our line of bags and the brand is exclusive to fitness enthusiasts.” – CEO Mark Samuel

We highly encourage you to check them out and get ready for their launch. Their product is amazing!

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