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Throughout your Facebook newsfeed you may see posts of fluffy cats, Justin Beiber sightings, more cats and random people throwing buckets of ice water onto their heads. What astonishes you is the mere fact that majority of your newsfeed is supporting a cause for ALS.

Non-profits seeking support on Facebook, Twitter, and social networks may struggle to attract donations however it is very important for a non-profit to create something that can be shared. Also to enlist your support to vouch for you.

Since the end of July the campaign has raised awareness and $79.7 million (as of August 25th), according to the ALS Association. The ALS Association is an organization that researches and promotes the the cause of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has lit social media on fire. It raises both money and awareness, for a disease that thousands of Americans have.

As part of the challenge people make a video of themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads, post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..or other social media sites. Then the individual challenges their friends to do the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to the ALS Association. By sharing the video on their newsfeed individuals around their world are using social media to create a difference.

Individuals aren’t the only ones making the difference.

Brands throughout the world are throwing ice-cold water on their heads. From the CEO of Microsoft challenging the CEO of Facebook to the popular fast food chain, Chili’s challenging Applebees, brands are coming together for this great cause.  The brands are also incorporating fun and creative ways to spread the awareness of ALS with keeping ‘in character’. The Energizer Bunny in flip flops while doing the ALS challenge is in full character! The Energizer Bunny ALS Challenge, along with other brands was featured on Ad Week.

Which brand do you think conducted the most creative ice bucket challenge?

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Is your brand on Pinterest? If the visual discovery platform is not in your current or future marketing plan, you’re making a big mistake. Big. Pinterest is a great tool for e-commerce stores to use to increase site traffic and boost sales.Visual storytelling is a key element to any brand. “According to a new study by Piqora, A pin on Pinterest generates $0.78 in sales, on average on e-commerce sites, which is 25% more than what it drove in the fourth quarter of 2012. What’s more, a pin is repinned (a form of sharing) 10 times on average” ().

“Another interesting point made is that pins are “frozen in time,” in that they tend to be pinned and repinned often over time, rather than fading away like a typical Facebook or Twitter post. That’s because Pinterest is not focused on user feeds, but on category pages and popular sections.” (Business Insider)

According to Social Media Examiner, here are six ways brands are using Pinterest:

1. Bring Pinterest to You

2. Share Your Lifestyle, Not Your Products

3. Partner With Influential Guest Pinners

4. Show Your Fans You Appreciate Them

5. Humanize Your Brand

6. Inspire Your Audience

For more on these six ways to use Pinterest to promote your brand, click here.

Pinterest/E-Commerce Infographic (via Shopify):



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50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website

I was reading Mashable this AM and came across a powerful and compelling Infographic that really nails the argument for having a Facebook fan page.  It shows that 50% of consumers think a Facebook page is more useful that a brand’s own website.  According to a market study conducted by Lab42 82% of respondents felt that Facebook pages were a great place to interact with brands.  This is a very powerful statistic that should make marketers take notice.

Of course it isn’t enough to just have a page, you have to have a real strategy behind your page to make it effective. These types of studies should solidify the point that if done correctly, it is in fact a worthy endeavor.  Facebook represents such a tremendous “uncontrolled” and “real” marketing conversation vehicle for brands and consumers to engage. Brands must take it seriously!

Look through the Infographic for some compelling stats.  The complete Mashable Article is here too. Enjoy!


















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Stella Artois: A beer I have loved since 1994

I first discovered Stella Artois in the summer of 1994 while studying abroad in Cambridge England. I was 17 years old and thought I knew a lot about drinking (and everything for that matter) but was really just another “kid” who was widely mistaken. That summer I spent 31 nights in the Cambridge Dorms and despite strict non drinking rules enforced by my program, I was nearly fall down drunk on 29 of those nights.

The drink of choice that summer was Stella Artois a Belgian beer that was not sold in the US. At the time they were not incredibly well known outside of European drinking circles, but had been around since 1366, longer than the US. The beer had a great taste and i was convinced they would “kill it” in the US. So much so that upon my return I wrote a letter to the company trying to convince them to let me set up distribution rights through New York. They actually responded and told me “thank you for your interest in our great beer, but we currently have no plans to open up distribution to the states.” That was in August of 1994. Clearly that plan changed. Nowadays you find “Stella” on tap and in bottles at every bar you go to. I guess us stateside alcohol drinkers were just too valuable to pass up? I am still a big fan, though my tastes and experience in beer have grown vastly over the past 18 years.

So why am i writing about them here? While riding the subway the other day, I noticed that a 6 train car was completely draped in Stella Artois Ads. Probably not what the Brewmasters had in mind back in 1336. Anyway I snapped a couple of photos of their recent ads. I think they are completely off with their message, the content and the forum are not a connect. It’s a chalice, not a glass? Don’t love it, i mean come on! You are targeting NYC commuters who are crammed into a subterranean train going to and from work each day. I think this is a very expensive venue and a squandered opportunity. I think most people will have no idea what a Chalice is, and ever worse i don’t think they will care. I wish they would have taken a different approach, and I am fairly certain this one won’t hit the mark.

Come on Stella, you are betta than that!

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