Client Spotlight: Fitmark Bags

One of our newest clients, Fitmark Bags is making big moves with social media and they dont even have a product for sale yet. They came to us back in early December and their objective was to build a passionate community of fitness enthusiasts. Their plan was to launch their product at the end of Q1/beginning of Q2, but it was imperative to harness the power of this viral and loyal crowd right away.

We launched a “coming soon” website with a countdown to launch to create a feeling of excitement and anticipation, around this new and innovative product for the fitness industry. We then built a clean and crisp branded Facebook interface to grow their fan community. They hired Sircle Media to create a social strategy document for them and they committed with the vigor and intensity of a true fitness enthusiast to follow it religiously over the first 90 days.

This commitment has paid off and continues to produce results. It is the perfect balance of smart social strategy/direction and relentless execution.

True Organic Milestones:
2600 Fans within first 35 days
4000 Fans within first 59 days
1400 Twitter Followers within first 45 days

“We stand for the fitness enthusiast. We’re a bag company first, and we’re all about looking good. It so happens our line of bags and the brand is exclusive to fitness enthusiasts.” – CEO Mark Samuel

We highly encourage you to check them out and get ready for their launch. Their product is amazing!

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