Social Media Manager = Many Hats.

Sircle-Social Media Manager

When a brand hires Sircle Media (or any external agency for that matter) to manage their social media strategy, they are staffing for a role that is really made up of a lot of little micro roles. You would think it is about fans and followers, or content creation and messaging, but it really is about much more. Success comes from finding ways to wear all of the necessary hats, really listening to each client’s specific pain/pleasure points and then delivering for them.

I teach my team to be comfortable with their strengths and weaknesses. The beauty of an agency is that we have a team and they don’t need to go it alone. Their job is to be the goalkeeper and serve the client’s interests and advocate for their needs. There are areas of focus they need to execute upon, to keep them pleased (or at bay) and then there are areas they will need to employ the help of others. I count on them to know the difference and to always be an advocate for their clients at all touch points.

As the one protecting the client, they are like a parent making sure they get the things their children/loved ones desperately need to survive.  It is like providing food, water, sleep etc.  Part of that is defined by the agency up front, BUT much of that is defined by the client on a day to day basis. Not every brand is looking for the same things and most have some sort of strange idiosyncrasies that need to be paid close attention to. We need to know their hot buttons and then execute accordingly.

We have outlined 5 areas of focus for a SMM over our years in business-


We’re all about Four Seasons style customer service first and foremost. This is one area that is fully in our control and it is mission critical to deliver above and beyond expectations. Most agencies provide lackluster focus in this arena, which leads to brands becoming accustomed to and expecting subpar service. We aim to be the anti-agency in this regard.

We believe:

  • Proactive is better than reactive.
  • Be professional, courteous and super positive in all client interactions.
  • Employ a “can do attitude” and “service with a smile” approach.


This is deeply rooted in content and visual representation for their brand. They are looking to their Social Media Manager to have an eye for creative and to keep their ear to the grindstone so to speak, on trends and social network evolvement. Here is where having photographers, graphic designers and even videographers on staff is a real differentiator.  A scrappy Social Media Manager can do quite a bit, but they can only take things so far. To stick the landing on truly solid content, these experts really make a difference.


We are being hired in a “junior” role, for most companies, but we are expected to be the most knowledgeable in the area of how to use social media for business.  So it is our duty to know the what, when, how and even the where to get answers for the client.  We need to be the resource for knowledge on all things social and there is just so much to know. School is always in session.


This is the daily management of social media for a client. The proactive (outgoing content) as well as the reactive (how should we handle all kind of community feedback and chatter) management each week. Should we just LIKE when someone mentions us?  When and where should we take that deeper?  Some clients care a lot about UGC, while others do not. Some want to respond to every single interaction and others want to pick and choose. This is the heavy lifting component of social media. We consider this the “blocking and tackling” part of the game – super important, but under appreciated.


When prospects are thinking about hiring us, they often look to fan and follower counts as the metrics for success. We find that once we are on the team, these metrics get thrown out and replaced with more important ones for that brand. It is mission critical to sit with each client and to really get to know which ones really matter and we have found, they can differ drastically from client to client.

A lot of pressure is put on the role of Social Media or Community Manager (whether hired internally or externally) and to succeed you have to balance all of these areas well, each day/week/month. It is about so much more than statuses and tweets and those who truly get that, ultimately win.

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Social Media Manager = Full Time Role(s)

Sircle-SMMI think brands vastly underestimate how much work goes into social media management. I would argue it is not just a full time role, it requires multiple skill sets and is very hard to do through one individual. An effective Social Media Manager needs to know how to create assets via photoshop and/or a camera, how to write well, both in short and long form, how to implement digital strategy AND have the business acumen to understand how to bring this all together for the brand. Very few people possess all of these skill sets.

We created Sircle Media, primarily to solve this pain point.  When we started in 2012, this was a major problem for most brands and I would argue it has become even more so as time has gone on.  As the landscape changes at a torrid pace, the requirements only increase and the argument for the agency model becomes stronger and stronger.  We realize most brands feel that someone internally and “on staff” needs to handle social media for their company. We work hard to toe the line and provide agency prowess and support with an internal employee mindset.  This is the formula that wins.

We put together this video to help explain it a bit further. Check it out!


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Meet Sircle’s Newest Member: Marvin Centeno


Name: Marvin Centeno

What enticed you to get into social media? As a marketing major in college, I was always intrigued with the most effective ways for brands to communicate with their audience. I didn’t always see myself in social media, but I did always see it’s incredible value in establishing relationships with consumers. I am a strong believer that a strong presence in Facebook and Twitter will be as pivotal to brand awareness than conventional advertising in TV and (especially) print.

Where were you born? Born in raised across the Hudson River, in Union City, New Jersey.

How old are you? 23 years young


If you were on a desert island, what 3 things could you not be without? I’m bringing entertainment! 1.) Netflix 2.) Itunes Podcast App 3.) Yankees live-streaming

What is one of your deep, dark secrets (that we can know, obviously!)? I can salsa. Is this dark? We’re going for it.

Who is your celebrity crush? Why? I am currently in a committed relationship with Jennifer Lawrence unbeknownst to the public… and Jennifer Lawrence. She’s really the first celebrity with spectacular, palpable talent, a genuine, down-to-earth personality, and within my age group.

Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts? Or the local coffee shop? Local coffee shop. Starbucks and Dunkin are overwhelming in the city! It’s a gem when you find a local.


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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Samantha Falk

We just hired a new superstar for the team and her name is Samantha. She is fresh out of college where she played soccer for The U (said in a thug voice) in Miami. We sat down to get to know her and this is what we learned:

Samantha Falk ImageWhat is your name? - Samantha Winter Falk

What made you get into social media ? - In today’s world it is almost impossible not to get into, or use, social media. I use social media daily, whether it is connecting with friends on Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram, I am constantly checking to see what is happening on my social feeds. Having majored in Public Relations, I became interested in social media and its impact on different types of companies, brands, products and businesses. I think what made me really want to get into this field is that everyone is starting to use it more frequently. Social media allows for businesses, or anyone for that matter, to express themselves in their own unique way, and enables them to connect with so many other people so seamlessly. Unlike other industries, the social media arena seems to be growing so rapidly and I am so excited to now be immersed in it at Sircle.

Where were you born? - Manhasset, NY

How old are you? – 22

What is your favorite color and why? – Sea-foam green, because it was always my “go-to” when I used Crayola Crayons and sounds way cooler than just “green”.

Best comedy film of all time? - There are way too many, so I’ll base this off of which one I tend to quote the most- Step Brothers

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? - Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch… Don’t ask, my iPod was on shuffle and I couldn’t press next. And you can’t not get in a good mood listening to it

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? - Hands down, Justin Timberlake. Besides growing up listening to N*SYNC and being jealous of Britney Spears, JT is in my opinion one of the most talented celebrities today. Not only is he an incredible singer and dancer, but he is a great actor and I am a huge fan of the movies he has been in, and the roles he has played in them. JT has impeccable style, which has made him one of the top male fashion icons over the years. I think he is a man of many hats who wears them all very well.

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One MONTH! At Sircle Media

Wow, does time fly. It feels like just yesterday that I walked through those doors for the very first time. My first two weeks at Sircle Media were interesting, but the last two were fascinating.

I can’t believe how much I have picked up between then, and now. I finally feel as if I know what my specific role in this company is.

I really am the Social Media Community Manager for many of our clients. Businesses are relying on me to manage their established and/or emerging presence on the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others.

I am one of the key drivers of change on the internet! My day to day work directly impacts a company’s success online. How unbelievable is that? I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July! Happy birthday to America and ME!


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