Email Capture + WOM Marketing: Kill Two Birds With One Stone

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Are you capturing emails?  You definitely should be.  Emails are such an important component of your online marketing success. This “traditional” online channel allows you to get into your client’s/prospect’s email box which is more accessible than ever before given the proliferation of smartphone usage. This means you have an increased likelihood to get their attention, especially while on the move.

If you have a real content marketing strategy (as you should) then you will have relevant “stuff” to share with them outside of products and sales. You should be sending out content laden and behavior based emails to your various lists on a consistent basis and remain committed to providing value.

To get started, you need to get creative with your method for capturing emails.  Here our client Bombas Socks (who is just awesome all around) is being very smart, because they are capturing emails while also getting consumers to do some marketing for them. This is just sound strategy.

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On their homepage (in the top line navigation) they have an offer to get free socks, (which gets a lot of clicks obviously) that takes you to the image above. Once you enter in your own email address, they then tee up the ability to share in a few ways, which either earns them direct email captures OR some shares across social by the user (peer endorsement).

They then are offering a thing of value, in this case 25% off to the new user and a free pair of socks for the advocate. The brand gets new customers, the new customers get introduced to an awesome product (with a discount offer from a friend) and the referrer gets to be a connector to a great brand AND gets a free pair of dope socks. Everyone wins in this scenario and it really works as we see month in and month out.   Well played boys, well played!

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