Understanding Facebook’s Remarketing


You may have already noticed that Facebook has been going through a lot of changes through it’s ads interface.
Social Media Today explained Facebook’s remarketing as, “tracking traffic to a website, specific pages within the site, or more granular pieces of content (such as a specific product) and serving them ads on Facebook relevant to the content they were searching on the site.  It is a very easy process to set up, launch and optimize.”
Below are three steps to help you better understand:
1. Build Your Custom Audience
Facebook has created a code that will capture people that come to your site. They will then capture these people and match them to already existing Facebook profiles and automatically place them in your “audience” tabs within your ad manager.
2. Build a Lookalike Audience
With Facebook’s Power Editor you can use an already existing customer audience you may have and create another custom audience with the same interests and demographics.
There are two lookalike audiences: Lookalike for Similarity which garners less reach but a more precise identification and Lookalike for Reach which  provides a greater reach but less precise identification.
3. Segmented and Contextually Relevant Ad Creation
Once you have completed the above steps you are then able to create content that aligns with your website but is also specific content that your audience has shown an interest in.

To read more about Facebook’s remarketing click here.

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Are You Getting Enough Out Of Facebook Ads?


Sometimes it can be hard to stand out amongst your competition. This is definitely true when it comes to Facebook Ads. Which each update Facebook rolls out it becomes even harder for small companies to get the impressions and page likes they want.

Social Media Examiner wrote an article explaining 4 marketing tactics that can help you with your Facebook Ads.

1. Add An Ask
Do you want 40,000 page likes? How about 400,000? Have you ever considered just asking for them?
Ask for the number of likes you would like but also add an incentive to help you reach your goal.
Remember to make your graphic pleasing to the eye and to include the offer in print within the image.

2. Go Retro 
People love to reminisce, so give them something to reminisce about! Show how your product or company has evolved over the years. You can even tie it into an already existing theme such as #TransformationTuesday or #ThrowBackThursday.

3. Encourage An Escape 
Who doesn’t love to get away? Especially when it’s 2:30 on a Tuesday and you still have a massive amount of work to get done.
Post a graphic that the audience can see themselves in, it does not need to include any people or even your product just a great catchy headline.

4. Stay Current 
Pop culture is a way to connect with your audience and stay up to date on current events. Is there a large sporting event or award ceremony coming up? Take the event and relate your brand or company to it.
Make sure that you stay timely and also on brand.

There are just a few tactics for you to use in your Facebook advertising arsenal. Have you used these of these strategies before? Let us know in the comments.

To read the article from Social Media Examiner click here.

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Creating Ads On Facebook Has Never Been Easier


For months now, Facebook has been trying to simplify their advertising processes. They released streamlined Facebook Ad types and Ad products, removed online offers, sponsored results and question ads, and even enhanced the image size that goes along with the Ad. Now, they are making it even more simple and allowing advertisers to hone in and focus on what’s really important: driving results for their business.

The first thing that is done when starting to create an Ad is answering one simple question: “What’s your advertising objective?” After that is answered, Facebook will recommend what kind of Ads would fit with that objective and then measure their impact after the Ad has launched and preformed. The objectives that a business may choose from include: clicks to website, website conversions, page post enhancement, page likes, app installs, app engagement, in-store offer claims, and event responses. Choose one, and let Facebook recommend the best Ad-type for you. Simple as that!

Facebook is also now allowing businesses to choose where they want their Ads to appear, whereas before, Facebook placed your Ad where they thought it was preforming best. Now, if a business wants to drive traffic to their website, they can put up a Desktop Ad with a link that drives them to their full desktop site, or if they want to drive traffic to their mobile website, they can put up a Mobile Ad with a link that drives them to their mobile site. This gives the business a better way to tailor Ad experiences.

Another major update was on Facebook’s Ad Manager tool. The tool is used by advertisers so they can see how their Ad is performing. The updated version allows the advertiser to specifically see the results based on their objective(s). It also gives you the cost per stated objective. For example, if the objective was to get “clicks to website”, the results would tell you how many people actually clicked the link and the cost per clicks to website.

For more information about this new Facebook ad update, .



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Facebook Image Enhancement


Last week, Facebook changed the ways an image is shown when sharing links or Ads! If you haven’t noticed in the past, if you would have shared a link with your friends the picture would have only been the size of thumbnail. These images were not very dynamic or eye catching and were not too helpful in boosting click thru  rates.

With this recent update, the image will now be full-width! This new format that Facebook has introduced will impact Page post link Ads, Page like Ads, offer ads, and event Ads. It also is a continuation of a program where marketers were able to have three different Ad placements, including Page Post Like Sponsored Story, Page Post Comment Sponsored Story, and Page Post Ad. However, now they are all consolidated into a new Ad unit where the context would be on top of the image.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it’s so important that your image stands out! With a strong image, people will notice and be lured in by your post or Ad even more. The larger/crisper the image, the more people will take notice and actually read the post and/or click/like the link.

Check out more about this new feature here!

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Facebook Ad’s With Improved Targeting

Facebook keeps trying to one up itself to increase advertising revenue for its investors. Public market pressure is causing headaches back in Menlo Park, CA but Facebook staff is working hard to improve its offerings to advertisers.

Now you can target your Facebook Ads to your current fans, who in theory are truly fans of the services and/or products you offer.  You can also target the friends of your fans, who theoretically are other “like minded” people. Targeting based on interests is what Facebook marketing is supposed to be about and to that end, this move might be one of the best yet.

The more targeted the ads the better the ROI, which will in turn lead to more marketers using this service. This drives up revenue and the stock price soars (at least that is the theory). For now our clients will be testing these features out and we will keep you updated on performance!


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