Custom Facebook Welcome Tabs

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At Sircle Media we have been creating custom welcome tabs for clients for over three years now.  Facebook tabs are created using iframes which means you can basically perform all of the same functions available on any external website, within the framework of Facebook.  This affords brands an incredible opportunity to engage with people on The Social Network.

Building a community is the number one objective on Facebook and one way to accomplish this is to create an environment, rich in content that users feel compelled to come back to.  By offering content and context about your brand you are able to “story tell” more and convert brand loyalists.

We often direct all new traffic through the welcome tab so that we can establish a more substantial first conversation with them. Otherwise they jump directly to your timeline and into a conversation that is already going on. We also use Welcome Tabs in many of our Facebook ad campaigns as they have proven very useful in converting likes.

These tabs are an important piece of our marketing puzzle as they accomplish a few mission critical things for our customers.

  1. They offer up additional content to prospects and customers
  2. They help showcase products available for purchase on our client’s website
  3. They capture email addresses for future email marketing
  4. They offer share buttons to help make the content on these tabs more viral

Here is a little video breakdown of how we approach making these tabs. Enjoy!  CLICK HERE


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Facebook Terms for Contests and Promotions Get a Facelift


Facebook recently announced guideline changes to their policies regarding running contests on The Social Network. Businesses can now run their promotions directly on their actual business page and no longer have to find a 3rd party to run their contests for them, like Wildfire, Woobox or Zeus. This new feature allows data to be collected by having users post content, comment, directly message and/or even “like” content on the business page and these actions can now be considered as entries into a contest.

With this new update, businesses can now quickly put together legitimate and approved (by Facebook rules) contests on their timeline. All you have to do is make a quick post to launch the contest and ask the users to submit through comments, and let them vote through likes. It’s as simple as that. Using a contest within a post will get a lot of engagement, especially if it is eye catching and offers compelling incentives!  This is very helpful if you are looking to boost the EdgeRank of your fan page.

One additional benefit is that now your contest is mobile friendly, and we all know that many people are coming to you via their phones these days. Remember, Facebook apps are not visible from your phones making that a big negative when running a promotion on an app.

There are some drawbacks to running contests on your timeline and Community Managers will need to be on their game. By using this method of promoting, businesses are not able to collect vital marketing information like emails. It also may be quite time consuming for the administrators if the post ends up getting a lot of engagement. The Page Admins will need to manually moderate entries and choose winners. This update may end up getting you’re business in some trouble if you don’t abide by the laws. You must know your local, state, and regional quidelines when it comes to running contests and follow them closely.

In the end, all businesses want to boost their engagement and their fan base on Facebook. This new feature offers a step in that direction. Learn more about this update here!

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