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With organic reach way down, brands have been abandoning Facebook and/or pulling back their focus on The Social Network, which is a huge mistake.  Not only is it still the only true portal for users in the social universe, but the paid platform is the most powerful tool that exists for brands and marketers.  We have talked about how Facebook Marketing cannot be ignored here in this blog before, but let’s explore some ancillary benefits.

When you market on Facebook, you are increasing targeted exposure for your brand.  When new users see your content they will often engage with it via a like or a comment.  Facebook now allows you to invite those users to LIKE your page if they don’t already. It is a great way to bring in new fans, as they just saw a message from you and took an action.  This is an excellent opportunity to strike while the iron is hot and move them into your community.

Some paid exposure could be how they found you OR a simple share or engagement taken, from even one fan could have opened up your content for increased exposure.  Thus strengthening the argument for increasing your community and why even one simple interaction from one fan is so important for your brand. Regardless of how they discover your post, they chose to engage with it, but they didn’t necessarily take that next step and like your page.

The good news is that Facebook has made it very easy to see who liked your post and who is/is not already a fan.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.54.04 AM

Just click on the like count, as we did here for a recent post on our client Lurong Living’s Facebook page and then you can invite them to go ahead and become an actual fan. This is really powerful for this client who targets people who are into Crossfit and hard core fitness in general. Often the eyeballs they get on their organic and paid content are fro like minded individuals, who are highly likely to like their content and more importantly, their products. We recommend doing this within 24 hours of their engagement on the post to improve conversion rates.

It’s important to note that people who get an invite to like your page, are getting the invite directly from you, via your personal Facebook Profile as you can see below.  Remember, you may be sending invites to people who are strangers to you personally, but they will know that you are affiliated with the brand.


The verdict is that this is a great way to increase your fan base and to do so with someone who already expressed interest in something your brand had to say. We boosted the post above for $5 and reached 2000+ people which is very inexpensive and highly targeted exposure. It drove 48 likes to the post and 20 new fans to the page, yielding an effective CPL of $0.25 – which outperformed their CPL Ad Campaign by $0.05.  It would be hard to argue for a most cost effective use of that $5.

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Grow Your Facebook Audience

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

In the days of social media, having a large online presence is essential. But sometimes, even if you’re posting good content, you don’t have a large audience to see it. Social Media Examiner has tips for growing your Facebook audience to best help your brand.

1)   Make sure you have a Facebook “Like” button on your website. That way if people go to your site and like what they see, they can choose to follow you on Facebook to see more from you.
2)   Link to your company’s Facebook page when you contribute content to sites. For example, if you write content for someone else’s website, make sure to include the Facebook page in your bio.
3)   Use your personal Facebook page to link to your company’s page. Under your work section, add your company as your workplace so that it links to your company’s page.
4)   Add your Facebook page to the bottom of your email signature.
5)   Use Facebook Ads Manager to make an ad for your page. This will allow you to choose which audience you want to target.
6)   Use your company’s page as your main Facebook page. Comment, like, and share content on that page to bring attention to it, instead of your own personal page.
7)   Share your Facebook page on other social media sites. Promote your page on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to get more attention.
8)   Try creating a group on Facebook. That way people in the group will automatically get notifications about new posts.

Try some of these ideas to grow your Facebook page. A larger audience will help bring attention to your company and benefit your brand.

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Do Facebook Fans Become Paying Customers?

What an important question that is to so many marketers online! Everybody is telling you that you must get on Facebook because that is where everyone is, but are there numbers to back up the overall value when calculating ROI? Alchemy Social set out to answer that question after analyzing metrics from its very own campaigns.  What they found?

  • Fans are more likely to visit your store
  • Fans are more likely to frequently visit your store
  • Fans are more likely to BUY from your store

CLICK HERE to see their findings:

Real bonafide fans that you have earned through effective communication, good business practices and effective word of mouth are very powerful for your business. Those you have coaxed to LIKE, or even purchased through a 3rd party service to increase your fan count are not. The investment in building a real community of LIKE’s pays off in the end. You just need to stay the course and develop a tribe of loyalists who want/need your product or service!


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