The Best Way to Use Google+


When it comes to social media, Google+ tends to be used the least. Most people, for both business and personal use, tend to focus all their time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But Google+ can be a great asset to your business once you figure out the best way to use it. Check out these six tips from Social Media Examiner about how to use Google+ to promote your business.

1)   Make sure to verify your business with Google My Business to increase your visibility on Google search. This will help people find information about your business, so be sure to fill in your business information on Google+ with as much detail as possible.
2)   Use Google+ circles to share information with specific people. That way if there is business information you want to share with business partners you can, or if you want to share information about a sale just to costumers, you can do that.
3)   Create and join communities. This is a great way to be a part of a community with similar interests and passions. This will help you connect on a more personal level with potential customers and fans.
4)   Categorize content with collections. Create a collection to group your content by topic, and make it easier for people to follow your content that interests them.
5)   Use Google Hangouts to engage with followers. Google Hangouts are a popular way to connect with followers in a more intimate and personal way. Use them to host Q&A’s or talk about a topic relevant to your business that people are interested in.
6)   Take advantage of Google Photos and use it to tell a story. Google Photos on Google+ offers unlimited storage for photos and videos, and stores high-resolution photos that it can automatically categorize into people, places, and things. Use keywords to name your photos to make them visible in image search.

Essentially, the best thing you can do on Google+ is use all of its features to optimize your chances to come up on Google search. Google’s search function is easily the most popular of any of its features, and making sure your business will be at the top of search results it’s the best way to make the most of your Google+ account.

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Get the most out of Google+


Google+ may be one of the less well-known social media networks, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used to get more exposure. The more social media networks you are a part of, the better it is for your brand. Social Media Examiner has some tips to increase your visibility on Google+ to help you get the most out of it.

Put the link to your website in multiple places on your Google+ page. The more times it appears, the more likely it is that people will click on it and drive traffic to your site.

Google Search Optimization
If somebody follows your page on Google+, you can appear on the first page of their Google search results. Use keywords and hashtags to increase the likelihood your post will appear in their search results.

Update Consistently
Find a social media manager that you like to help you update both your business and personal pages on a regular basis. You can also schedule posts beforehand to make sure things are being posted to your pages even if you are busy with other work.

Make It Your Business Page
Official business pages on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be a little limiting in terms of interactivity and engagement, so Google+ is a good alternative. There is a lot more you can do on a Google+ page, such as commenting on other pages, joining communities, creating events, and starting Google hangouts.

Be Involved in Communities
Being in a community on Google+ is similar to being in a “group” on Facebook. It allows you interact and engage other businesses and people who share your company’s values and interests.

Make Collections
The collections feature on Google+ allows you to organize your posts into different categories. This makes it easy for people to follow what they’re interested in without being bombarded with things they don’t care as much about.

It’s important to explore options when it comes to social media. Using these tips, you can get to know Google+ and see if it is right for your business.

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Google+ Making It’s Way to the Top


Google+ has just introduced two new features that have the potential of boosting them up in the social media rankings. They are slowly sneaking up on Facebook and they will continue to do so in the coming months! The two new features include: 1. Author Attribution for content makers: giving credit where credit is due, and 2. Embedded Posts: new audiences for people who publish on Google+.

With this first new feature, content marketers who post blogs using WordPress or Typepad are able to directly link their work to their Google+ profile. People will be able to have yet another place to view your blogs, and increase credibility! This will also increase your Google search rankings! Now, that would be a huge SEO payoff! If this new feature works out, it will grant greater access to high-quality information.

The second new feature is very exciting for the Google+ platform. Website owners can now take any kind of post from Google+ and directly put it on their page. There it will be interactive as they can +1 it, comment, or even follow you. This will allow a content marketer and even an individual to expand their audience and gives them a lot more opportunity for interaction.

With these types of moves Google+, will get more users and have more of those users gain followers on their platform. It’s a win-win! For more information about Google+’s race to the top, click here.

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Google + Motorola= Advertising Genius

Moto X Lazy Phone Ad 3

When the Galaxy 4s was introduced to the world most were captivated by the many features it had to offer placing it in direct competition with the iPhone. Well now the new “Moto X” by Motorola is stepping up their game too. Being that Motorola is a Google owned company it makes all the sense in the world that not only the technology the best, but the marketing behind the Ad’s is pure comical genius. They have launched a few commercials portraying our smart phones as an actual “lazy” person making it relatable to consumers. Through this marketing strategy they have been able to play-up the dramatics and emphasize on how annoying our not so smart phones can sometimes be.

After getting to know you a little bit better and learning your voice the “Moto X” can answer all of your questions with three very special words, no not I love you but “OK Google now” followed by a command. Snapping a picture is made easier than ever before, with just two twists of your wrist your camera is ready to go. This phone is all about the details; it has “extras” you can’t live without and the option to design your own phone. Discover more about “Moto X” and judge it for yourself! Just when we thought AT&T was leading the race with their original and comical commercials Motorola one-upped them. The branding behind the phone, and the actual phone itself is nothing short of genius.

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SEO More Important Than Ever?


A lot of my clients assume that Social Media (or at least the use of social networking sites) has somehow replaced the need for having an SEO program for their website. That couldn’t be further from the truth!  In fact messaging on social bookmarking sites  has become one of the mission critical components to a successful SEO plan. It is definitely not an either or type situation, a combo of the two will do the trick.

If you have already given up on using SEO for your site or just dont know whether or not you should, consider these things:

There is competition in your business

Your problems don’t just end with your site, you also have to deal with businesses that are the same as yours and who might have well developed products, services and strategies to hog the market and steal prospects away from you. How will you compete even locally when you do not use seo services? Fundamental, but important techniques like keyword placement and improving site content will help your drive more traffic to your site and will also ensure better visibility for your new campaigns.


Social Network Platforms are the “ace in the hole”

Social Networks have become tremendous platforms for the sharing of relevant content. It is the literally the definition of “Social Media” (Shareable content). Most brands and businesses have made the move to Facebook and Twitter, (though most do a terrible job with these platforms) but now with new social networking sites like Pinterest and Google+ you can direct even more visitors to check out your site. You have a distinct advantage if you are employing a Community Management Strategy on Social Networks, while your competitors are not. Sometimes the best first step to SEO is Social.

Search Engines make changes and so must you

Major search engines are constantly changing their methodology to outsmart those who are trying to “game” the system with strange techniques. If you have an SEO strategy in place with a partner who “gets it” then they will adjust their plan to be in sync with the changes put out by companies like Google. This navigator will help your ship stay on course and not allow it to crash and burn.

SEO-friendly = Increased Visibility

It is an ongoing necessity to update your website to be SEO-friendly by using current day techniques to boost visibility. If you produce content and then distribute it in a make sense way then you will be found more often in search than those who do not. Plain and simple.  It is a comprehensive plan, but a worthwhile venture!

So before you implement a Social Strategy OR an SEO Program, consider the fact that you MUST do both together to see real results!

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Facebook Search? Looks Like It!

Facebook announced yesterday that it will be unveiling a Facebook based search function called “Graph Search” to allow users to curate content and information based on Facebook profiles and user behavior on the platform.  This is an exciting new feature that would allow users to find all types of information on a wide array of topics and interests from people they “know” or are at least connected to in some way via Facebook.

“In short, Facebook’s search will attempt to replicate the experience of being able to ask a question of all of your friends at once, as if they were all gathered in one room.

And it actually goes beyond that, because it includes information from people you’ve never met, provided they’ve made it public (or available to friends of friends, or people who live in your city, etc.). And, of course, Facebook can recall and organize the information automatically and instantaneously in ways that your friends couldn’t.”

Mark Zuckerberg called it the “third pillar” of the Facebook user experience to go along with the newsfeed and timeline. This is potentially a game changer if pulled off right, and a major blow to Google the world’s leading search engine. I am very excited to see how it all turns out. For the video directly from Facebook that really explains it in a very powerful way, CLICK HERE!


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Social Media Design Cheat Sheet!

We came across this incredibly useful infographic created by Lunametrics and just felt compelled to share it.  It is incredibly useful in setting up Social Media Profiles to ensure that your branding and message are well presented and consistent with best practices by platform.  It breaks down the different social networks in great detail and even taught us a thing or two that we have already been passing on to our clients.  So many profiles look out of place or have a subpar brand footprint because whoever created them didnt have the ideal dimensions in mind.  With this graphic, now they do!


It is also incredibly useful for Community Managers, especially on Facebook.  It breaks out posts, highlighted posts, app images and even all of the different Ad dimensions.  This is such a useful resource in helping you govern day to day communications.  It can and will make a big difference and we highly recommend you save it and USE it right away.

The image we provided here is just a tiny snapshot.  The full image can be found here.  Enjoy!

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Social Media fishing: Where are the consumers?

As marketers set out in the world of social media it is incredibly useful to know the demographics on each platform. As a brand or business you only have so much time to put into these new efforts and you don’t want to be fishing for too long in the wrong waters.

Content creation really is the most important piece of any online strategy, but then deploying that content to the right audience takes a little creativity and know how. For example, if you want to target affluent women, where are they? Pinterest sure seems like the place to be.

If your product or service has a clearly defined core age demographic then it is smart to know the numbers. Google+ core is 26-34 whereas Pinterest core is 35-44. Going heavy on the platforms that best match your target can definitely go a long way towards increased conversions. Then you have a working/winning formula in social media!

Below is an infographic that offers some insight. Check it out…Hope you find this useful!









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