How to Use New Facebook Features for Marketing

6a01b7c6da9523970b01b8d06491a8970cFacebook is always working to add new features to improve users’ experience. For companies that use Facebook as a marketing tool, it’s important to know how to use these features to best benefit them as a business. Social Media Examiner put together a list of some of the new Facebook features for marketers to know and take advantage of.

Encourage Fans to See You First
Facebook now gives users the option to enable the “See First” option to prioritize updates from certain friends, groups, or pages. Educate your fans on how to use the See First option, and encourage them to prioritize your page so they don’t miss out on anything.

Get a Beacon
Facebook beacons are free, you just have to request one, and are a great way to send information to Facebook users who are nearby and using Bluetooth. You can send people recommendations from friends, photos, a welcome message, a prompt to check in, and pretty much anything else.

Send/Receive Money in Messenger
Facebook introduced the ability to send and receive money with friends via Facebook messenger, so if your friends are clients they can make in-app purchases without ever leaving the page.

Create Saved Replies
If you have a standard message you regularly use, saved replies can be a useful tool. You can create replies to frequently asked questions to save some time when helping customers.

Lead Ads
Facebook is working on rolling out lead ads, which will make it easier than ever for customers/fans to fill out contact information on mobile devices. Keep an eye out for a more widespread use of this.

In the ever-changing social media world, it is important to stay on top of any new developments. These are just some of the newest ways to use features to improve marketing on Facebook.

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Tips for creating video content


In the past few years, video has become much more popular in social media and marketing. With things like the introduction of video on Instagram and instant video on Twitter, it’s no wonder people are using it more. Video provides a unique way to tell a story through your social media accounts that will let you engage your audience in a new way. Social Media Examiner came up with eight ways to use video to interact with your brand’s fans and followers.

1)   Post videos that fans create. This will provide your company with engaging content that other fans and followers can relate to.
2)   Use video content to create a fictional series. This will entertain your audience while showing your product in use.
3)   Share personal stories to connect with and relate to your audience.
4)   Try shooting a documentary-style video. This will be entertaining and informational for your viewers.
5)   Video interviews with influential people in your company’s industry are a great way to share information that your audience is interested in.
6)   Give viewers a behind-the-scene look at your company. It will engage viewers while giving them a peek inside the business.
7)   Animated videos are a fun way to present information to viewers while still providing them entertainment.
8)   A classic “how-to” video tutorial is fun, educational, and interactive for your audience.

Video has become increasingly important in social media marketing, and for your brand to find success you have to create original content that tells a story your audience can connect with.

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