Facebook Image Enhancement


Last week, Facebook changed the ways an image is shown when sharing links or Ads! If you haven’t noticed in the past, if you would have shared a link with your friends the picture would have only been the size of thumbnail. These images were not very dynamic or eye catching and were not too helpful in boosting click thru ┬árates.

With this recent update, the image will now be full-width! This new format that Facebook has introduced will impact Page post link Ads, Page like Ads, offer ads, and event Ads. It also is a continuation of a program where marketers were able to have three different Ad placements, including Page Post Like Sponsored Story, Page Post Comment Sponsored Story, and Page Post Ad. However, now they are all consolidated into a new Ad unit where the context would be on top of the image.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it’s so important that your image stands out! With a strong image, people will notice and be lured in by your post or Ad even more. The larger/crisper the image, the more people will take notice and actually read the post and/or click/like the link.

Check out more about this new feature here!

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