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We all understand the basics of Twitter; don’t overkill with hashtags, keep your tweets short, aim for retweets, and use images. The end goal is to obviously get as many retweets as possible. The more eyes on your content means greater engagement, which will increase your overall reach.

Here are some ideas from Social Media Today to help gain more retweets.

1. Use colorful images for more retweets.

Tweets containing images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. Images with rich, saturated colors get five times the retweets.

2. Use mini info-graphics and charts.

People love mini-infographics on Twitter because they can instantly see a lot of information without having to go to another website or platform. If the writing is small, they can still get a basic understanding of it in the larger text and then decide if they want to read it or click through. People naturally want to engage and share these info-graphics.

If you’re posting a link to an article with a chart in it, try downloading the chart first. Then upload it to Twitter as an image including the short URL instead of just hitting the Tweet button. It’s visually engaging and allows people to share something educational and informative.

3. Make them laugh.

If you can make someone laugh, they will retweet it. It is as simple as that.

4. Make them want to retweet your useful content.

People love to share content that may help someone they know, or even something they know somebody else will like. Know your audience and be relevant.

5. Be real.

You want your twitters followers to feel like they know you or your brand. Build a relationship with them and they will be loyal.

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Get In Line With Twitter

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.39.18 AM

Thought you were keeping up? Check again. As of Tuesday Twitter has become a completely different platform. It doubled down on the visual web. More specifically, images once attached as are now streamlined to show up right in people’s feeds. There is no more need to click on the tweet to reveal the image in the card.

What you need to know:

  • Tweet previews (the name for images in timelines) do not require links anymore, saving character space in tweets.
  • Tweet “actions” (reply, retweet, email) are now available directly from the home timeline.

This is now essentially display advertising on Twitter but without the additional spend. Brands will still pay to promote but are getting a much bigger “bang for their buck” on a tweet that now has an embedded image.

Smart brands need to take advantage of this major change and think of how to utilize this new space. Good (and bad) content is going to be much more visible so plan accordingly. That means, start thinking about bulking up those visual assets including:

  • Strong photography
  • Infographics
  • Compelling charts
  • Vines that start with an interesting scene
  • Playful uses of the new real estate (mazes, visual tricks)

Intentionally or not, brands are already starting to make use of this feature. There are however, sizes and small details to pay attention to. The MightyHive blog gives us the tips to make in line Twitter images a success.

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