Instagram POV – Q1 2018

On this episode, I talk about the current state of affairs on Instagram. Organic reach in the feed is way down and brands need to be smarter about how they are adjusting to that fact. Some quick takes:

1- Posting more, is not the answer. In fact, it seems to accelerate the fall off in organic reach and impressions.

2- Stories are the jam. If you want to post more, just post there instead and watch the numbers.

3- Video View campaigns are cheap and effective.

Instagram is the place to be for brands, but the game has changed a bit for sure. Don’t be romantic about what got you here (i.e. Instagram Follower count, measuring likes and comments per post) and instead, go to where things are moving.


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Win of The Week: Brand collaboration gold…

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 7.50.29 AM

Social media is all about leveraging content, engagement and growth tactics effectively. Brand collaborations are an excellent way to attack all three and are very easy to execute. They offer you access to new eyeballs, easy ways to “stage your product” and new conversations with potential would be customers along the way. We are all in!

Here at Sircle Media, we are big buyers of underpriced attention for our clients. Brands are all trying to figure out how to maximize their own social media efforts and are usually very interested in collaborating this way. We regularly seek out partners who have a nice aesthetic, are clearly open to working with other brands and who have a highly engaged audience.  As an agency, companies are even more interested in working with us, as we can be an entree to working with multiple brands and not just a one off transaction. We use this to our client’s advantage of course, to help land more relationships and control the conversation along the way.

Some brands make the mistake of only looking to others who have larger audiences than their own. In every collaboration there is always one who will be bigger and one smaller, and we think they all have value. We care more about the image, the target and the experience. If a brand has a smaller, but highly engaged audience of core customers we want to be in front of, then we are buyers for sure!

These have proven to be a surefire way to grow an Instagram following, to land nice looking content to round out your own feed and to create direct communication opportunities with customers. With content, you get to use the imagery (including secondary shots of the products side by side) in your messaging, which alleviates some of your organic content creation pressure.

When it comes to engagement and growth, we recommend some gaming to help stir the pot. Above, we had an Instagram contest, that required both a follow AND the tagging of friends to enter.  We received 451 likes, 300 new followers and 142 comments, each of which included the tagging of 2 IG users. Afterwards, we engage with those accounts and strike up conversations on a one-to-one level, that can help our client Modern Oats establish a dialogue that would not have existed before.

In the end of the day, these collaborations provide a very powerful punch and should be a core component to any social media strategy.



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Organic Reach on Facebook is Not (completely) Dead


If you work in social media marketing, then you are well aware that organic reach on Facebook is real hard to come by these days. As they have moved to a pay to play model, marketers have had to pivot their approach on The Social Network and adapt to the new realities. We are big believers in paying to leverage Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities and have written about that here in this blog.

Despite the paid approach that we deploy for nearly all of our clients, we are constantly seeking ways to game organic reach too. In a study performed earlier this year by BuzzSumo they analyzed 1Billon (yeah, with a B) Facebook posts from all types of brand and business fan pages and came up with some clear conclusions on ways to garner more engagement.

Part of our job as an agency focused on outsourced social media management, is to keep our ear to the grindstone and to research and experiment with tactics that will product results for our clients. We have found that most of these core findings are accurate and that some produce stand out results.


We’ve seen that pushing Instagram posts directly from IG to the Facebook fan page is really producing nice engagement for brands. This is even easier now, with the new roll out of brand profiles on Instagram and it is delivering positive results.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.36.17 AM

We have also found that it is drastically outperforming other tactics with regards to organic reach.  Above is a screenshot from a client’s fan page that does not put any dollars towards their Facebook efforts. They have decided to invest their funds elsewhere and as a result their organic reach has been nominal. We post great content to their fan page 3-5X per week and they average 100 people reached and have almost zero engagement on their posts. Many brands without a paid strategy, are familiar with those type of poor metrics.

This week all 3 pieces of content were published on Instagram and simultaneously pushed to Facebook. As you can see, the reach and engagement numbers skyrocketed as a direct result. Going forward we are going to advocate that clients have this approach in their efforts, especially those with zero or little budget for paid efforts on FB.  Now this means we’ll need to think about their Instagram content and how it might display on Facebook.  Will it be sized right and will it make sense as a status there too?  We encourage native storytelling by platform and now need to think about a directional flow from IG to FB that will work.

The moral of the story here is that you need to continue to experiment and iterate to find results thru social media. We read up on industry trends and studies, we remain active practitioners and we never sit back and coast when it comes to tactics. Success is contingent on a marathon over a sprint mentality and you must always be looking for ways to drive results!



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