Instagram Actively Growing Over Other Social Networks

Twitter and Pinterest might be among the top social networks, but the platform to watch out for is the fastest-growing, Facebook-owned Instagram. The mobile platform has doubled it’s user base since the beginning of 2013 to more than 200 million active accounts. Even with it’s increasing active user base by 23% in the last six months (the largest of any social network last year), Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin are still top in the industry, in terms of penetration.

One of the reasons Instagram is actively growing at such a torrid pace is that it is really a social network only used on mobile devices. Smartphones are now the most popular form of access, giving Instagram the edge.


“One of the more interesting findings of the survey is that on the whole, social networking is most popular among 25-34 year-olds — 29% of Facebook users, 31% of Google+ users, 32% of Pinterest users, and 31% of Twitter users fall into this category. However, when it comes to Instagram (39%), Tumblr (45%), and YouTube (32%), the biggest users are aged 16-24.” ©AFP/Relaxnews 2014 To power it’s growth, Instagram made it’s Windows phone debut, and introduced the direct-message feature. Today, brands recognize that Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for branding and reach.

It is crucial for brands to work and take advantage of this massive platform. Brands can post images or videos of products, special offers, fan photos, etc., which is a very useful way to engage with consumers in a direct way. It allows businesses to create highly shareable graphics that consumers will want to interact with.

Are you taking advantage of all that Instagram has to offer?  You should be…

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Instagram Video


Instagram, the social media platform that allows you to capture pictures, upload, and edit them so you can share them with the world, came out with Instagram Video this month. Instagram Video allows you to capture a moving picture that is up to 15 seconds long (longer than Vine) and you can start and stop recording as many times as you wish within the 15 seconds! Instagram is allowing the world to capture and share the non stationary moments that are meaningful to them and they instantly became an even stronger powerhouse in the mobile device game.

A cool feature of Instagram Video is you can chose from 13 different filters that change the effects on the video! You can also choose which scene you want as the cover photo making it a very customizable app.

Many brands have already been getting in on the action. Here are some great examples put out by Complex Magazine. Video is allowing companies to flex their creativity on Instagram and it seems that the possibilities are endless!

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