Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Jenna!


This week, our senior photographer Jenna Ruocco celebrates her 5 year anniversary with Sircle Media. This is an important milestone, especially for someone working at their first job straight out of college. We sat down with her to ask some questions and get her POV after a half-decade working full-time on the squad. Enjoy.

How did your journey with Sircle Media begin?

My journey here began back in December 2013, as an intern during my senior year of college. CRAZY!!! Two of my sorority sisters worked for Sircle and they had asked if I wanted to start an internship. I said yes with no hesitation and started as a remote intern. Adam later asked if I wanted to continue interning post-grad, and of course, I said yes as I truly loved what I was doing and wanted to continue to be a part of it!  I continued to intern for a few months in the office, then started working part-time for a short stint and eventually moved up to full-time on January 5th, 2015. The rest is history!

What have been some of your biggest milestones while working at Sircle?

In college, I was a dual concentration in Graphic Design and Photography.  Early on though, there wasn’t much need for a photographer at Sircle because it was much more about graphics. As a result, I began here as a Graphic Design intern and never really touched a camera. So I would say my biggest milestone, was when we moved to more reliance on taking photos and I became the first photographer for the agency. Fast forward and now we have developed a department that is one of the agency’s biggest strengths. We have grown tremendously since our early days when I used to shoot simple product shots at my desk or around NYC. Nowadays, we have a full studio, on-site photoshoots, and three more photographers working alongside me. Working my way up from intern, to part-time, to full-time and now finally to Senior Photographer, has been a series of great milestones for me.

How have you seen your skills progress over your time here?

Coming in, I was very much an abstract/film photo photographer, but at Sircle, it is mostly product photography, food/spirit photography and model/lifestyle photography. Product photography is very different than anything I had done in college or even in my free time. I had to jump right in and learn quickly and I am constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the many clients Sircle services. We are always shooting something new so it keeps things very interesting! 

How has the company changed for the better in your 5 years?

Sircle has grown tremendously since I first started back in 2013. What was just 5 employees back then, has ballooned to 19, across multiple departments and our client list is ever-growing! I have seen quite a bit of change over the years. From coworkers to clients, to office space AND I have to say that where we are right now, is the best and strongest Sircle has ever been. I am proud to be a part of it and pumped about all that is on the horizon.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from working with Adam?

It’s hard to narrow down the biggest lesson as I am always learning from him. This may sound cliche, but I would say Adam has taught me how to be the best employee/coworker I can be. He is always guiding us and making sure we are always putting forth our best selves with our coworkers and with our clients. We are truly a family here at Sircle and that is made possible through the foundation Adam has built and the values he instills in us each and every day.

What has been your favorite product or client to work with and why?

I would say Michter’s Whiskey has been my favorite client for sure. It’s the account I have worked on the longest and was one of the first spirit brands I’ve ever photographed. I have developed a very strong relationship with them over the years and I have even been down to Kentucky to shoot at their distillery, which was awesome. They are an amazing brand and I love helping them tell their story.

What do you look forward to in the future at Sircle Media?

There are SO many things I am looking forward to. Mainly, our ever-growing team and new coworkers I get to crush life with every day. I am excited to continue to meet and shoot for new clients and products and further develop my skills. This year I am focused on expanding my management skills and growing my department, so that should be a rewarding challenge.

I’m excited to watch this company continue to grow and to know that am such an integral part of that progress. I’m so grateful to be a part of an amazing team and company!

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Intern Turned Full Time Employee: Meet Jenna Ruocco

10457515_10204125463233347_104587206735399677_nJenna interned with Sircle Media for ten months and then was promoted up to a full-time Graphic Designer based on her awesome work. We sat down with her and she shared some fun facts about herself, as well as what she learned as an intern, and how that has transitioned into her full-time position.
Name: Jenna Ruocco
Hometown: Mahopac, New York
College: SUNY Plattsburgh-Graduated May 2014
What do you like most about social media? Being able to connect and communicate with people from all over the world.
If you were on a desert island, what 3 things could you not be without? Toothpaste, my phone, and my dog
What’s your guilty pleasure? Nutella
Who is your celebrity crush? Why? Gerard Butler, because he’s an amazing actor, he’s beautiful, and he’s from Scotland. Who doesn’t love a Scottish brogue?
Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts? Or the local coffee shop? Starbucks all the way.
What was your goal when you started interning at Sircle Media? I was looking forward to really building up my portfolio and also learning more about the business aspects of a professional company.

Now that you are working with us full time, what has changed? What have you learned and done more of that you like? Well I’ve been with Sircle since last December, and started working full time at the end of July. I have been able to balance out my work and really learn time management. I also have a little more time to spend playing around with graphics and learning new things now that I’m working full days.

What is your favorite client to design for? Why? My favorite clients to design for are ecru and Dean Davidson. They are two of the first clients I began designing for when I started and I feel like I have grown with them very nicely. Both are similar in that they have a clean crisp style, yet both are also completely different in their brand approach. So it’s fun to be able to create different styles of graphics based on the client’s preferences. It gives you a chance to expand your skills as a designer.

What do you hope to learn at Sircle Media as a full time employee? I hope to keep improving, and learning every day. Being here since December, I have done just that, so I know Sircle is going to take me to where I want to be as a designer.

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