“TEXT To LIKE” a Facebook page

It is very easy to become a fan of a Facebook page with a mobile phone. Businesses can tie in offline engagements with the online world by simply requesting that prospects and clients text in to Like their page. This is great for venues such as bars and restaurants who constantly engage with consumers in an intimate format.  When engaging a live audience, you could simply tell everyone to pull out their phone and send the text!

All a person has to do is text the word “fan” or “like” along with the page’s username to 32665 (FBOOK).  For our Facebook page, you would text “fan SircleMedia”, without the quotes and they are IN! Do it now and test it out (worth asking, right? LOL) Of course the cell phone must be already verified by facebook and associated with your personal facebook account.

This is such a simple way to get fans and I always say if you don’t ask then the answer will always be NO. Printed signs like the one seen in this post are highly recommended and I think it is wise to put them in as many places as you can. Of course you don’t want to take away from the user experience of your business or products, but if/when you can it is a surefire way to gain LIKE’s.

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