Long on LinkedIn right now…

I am long on LinkedIn right now and I think you should be too. The platform has really evolved, while also staying true to its roots.  After taking body blows for a while, they really hunkered down and fixed a lot of the flaws and I think that people should be leveraging it more.

It has really become a great place to distribute and consume content on a wide range of subjects and it remains the best way to get real context on people you wish to do business with in any capacity.  I can learn so much about those I am engaging with and lean on my own network to help me with introductions, references after the fact and/or research about what makes people tick.

I find that my University of Michigan degree it probably the strongest asset I have when it comes to this. There are just so many people I come in contact with that went there as an undergrad or to The Ross School of Business and Wolverines seem very motivated to help one another. #GoBlue

Second to that, is my reputation in the work that I do. If you are great to collaborate with and put out solid products and services, then people will be inclined to want to put in a good word for you. Remember it is very easy to look you up and see a connection in common, so it is mission critical that when that mutual relationship is contacted, that they endorse you.

“Doing the right thing is always the right thing” (couldn’t agree more @garyvee) and your legacy will matter in the long run and the short term too.  Your actions create a living resume and you want that resume to be stellar!  Act as if…


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LinkedIn Introduces Six Degrees of “How You’re Connected”

As a social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is always trying to make new introductions. The newest feature they are trying out is a new twist on the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. “A game?” you might ask. The new tool officially versed “How You’re Connected” is a visual enhancement that helps members introduce each other. This feature will start rolling out to English members of the site today, while the networking site says the insights it will provide will be expanded “in the months to come.”

When you view a members profile, not only will you see who they are connected to, but how they are connected. It will look like this:


“Professional goals become more attainable when you’re able to connect and collaborate with others who can help you achieve them. Finding the best path to meeting these key contacts can be daunting though,” says Udi Milo, a project manager at LinkedIn in this blog post.

The concept, inspired by Bacon’s claim that he had worked with everyone in Hollywood, was to connect any actor to Kevin Bacon using six links or less. The idea was a twist on “six degrees of separation,” a common belief that everyone on Earth was six friends or acquaintances removed from everyone else.

LinkedIn has become a valuable tool for professional networking and it only continues to grow.

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Drive Your Small Business to Succeed With a LinkedIn Business Profile

While the social network LinkedIn has earned a reputation as one of the best ways to find new job openings, it is even more powerful when used to create new business opportunities. By starting a LinkedIn business profile, you are creating a chance to engage with audiences inside and outside of your industry.  You will effectively be able to put a “face” behind your business. It is important to remember however, that LinkedIn is not the same as your Facebook or Twitter account, so be sure to keep your profile professional and relevant to your business.

By creating a LinkedIn profile, you will be able to gain access to other profiles much like yours and find groups that are specific to your industry. This makes it easier to network with other businesses that will benefit you and yours.

LinkedIn will not only help you meet industry insiders, but it will also open opportunities to create business-to-business transactions. Many consumers find it helpful to search through LinkedIn for businesses that are reliable and suit their needs. They will often post specific questions, so be sure to remain active and engage with your consumers by answering their questions.  By doing this you will be able to show your expertise in your field and that you are confident and capable. This will highlight your knowledge and is a sure fire way to gain credibility.

Remember, that LinkedIn is an incredible medium for showing off your business and the key selling points that differentiate you. Think carefully about what you put out there because it will definitely have an impact on the overall impression people will have. Be professional, respectable and active on your LiknedIn page and you will become a respected source in your industry!

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