New Social Media Networks On The Rise


Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest may be the most popular social media platforms now, but their days might be numbered. Mashable put together a list of 10  social media networks that are currently on the rise.

This app allows its users to anonymously post any feelings or thoughts and share them “Secretly” with their Facebook friends and phone contacts.

For the people that love selfies this platform was designed for them. Users can take selfies, reply to other peoples selfies and send direct messages.

Snapchat has been around for a while but only used by a few larger brands for marketing like Taco Bell. People love Snapchat because it allows users to share photos and videos for a limited amount of time. It’s very “now you see it, now you don’t.”

With WeChat, users can send texts and make free calls. In addition, you can share videos and photo moments, use group chats, and search people nearby.

We Heart It:
This app is considered a “younger” version of Pinterest, because the user can scroll through ‘canvases’ and ‘heart’ photos. If Instagram and Pinterest had a baby it would be We Heart It.

Tinder is slightly different from other social networking apps. This app is specifically for dating. The app connects with the users Facebook to create a profile. From there the user can swipe left or right and be matched up with other profiles.

Medium is created by Evan Williams and Biz Stone (formally of Twitter).  The purpose of this app is to publish stories and ideas. Users can recommend stories within their network and organize their favorites.

Vine gained popularity after being acquired by Twitter several month ago. This app allows you to record, edit and share six-second videos. There are even such things as Vine Celebrities.

This social network startup lets users create posts – called “bubbles” – follow other users, and like or comment on other bubbles. Bubblews is different from other sites, however, because they pay users who attract advertisers.

This platform also allows users to post anonymously, send anonymous direct messages, ask for advice, or just chat.

While some of these social media networks may not be appropriate for social media marketing, it does give some insight into what may be around the corner.

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Design Collaboration Made Easy!


For collaborating designers, sharing design concepts no longer has to be frustrating. Considering the overwhelming amount of technological advances we have experienced in the past decade its about time! It is a breath of fresh air for designers across the board to hear that there are finally free and secure online collaboration tools to make this process much easier, and less time consuming.

The Red Pen collaboration tool is not much different than a teacher in school marking up your essay with a red pen of course. Using this tool designers can upload, share, and get live feedback. Once a design is uploaded adding notes/revisions is simple, click anywhere and type! Revisiting Red Pen is made simple as well, the site remembers you as well as your previous uploads.

Keeping not just design teams, but also the relationship between client and designer in mind Skwibl has made it practically effortless for all parties to communicate. This tool allows designers and/or clients to collaborate, and revise in real time. It also tracks changes made to projects which gives the user a visual, they can actually see how much the project has evolved. Also, the discussion room feature takes away the headache of e-mailing back and forth because it is an instantaneous. Did I mention this app is also iOS compatible? We know how important that is!

These are only two out of fourteen new, easy to use, free design collaboration tools. Be sure to check out the other twelve: HERE!

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What can Your Business Do in Just 140 Characters

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.30.31 AM

Twitter announced yesterday that it is relaunching Twitter for Business with new and improved offerings for users on their platform. This is seemingly good news for businesses and brands who have been trying to figure out how to effectively leverage the mico-blogging platform. While Twitter is clearly a monster communications tool, businesses have definitely struggled with how to make sense out of it all.

They provide a video here in this piece on Mashable that explains some of the features.  As an avid Twitter user I have seen firsthand some very meaningful engagements for myself and my clients and I am excited to see how brands continue to evolve through 140 characters.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

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Facebook Earnings Call: What to Expect?

Today marks the first earnings call for the Social Media giant, Facebook and the public is very curious to hear what is going on inside. One of the many benefits to us, but negative to the company are these constant public inspections on their stability.  They will be probed and prodded by everyone looking to learn more about where they are headed. Here are some key touch points to look out for:

Users: Have they crossed that massive 1 Billion user threshold?


Ads: Lots of changes to their formats and delivery. Are they paying off in earnings?

Mobile: Are they making the necessary progress in mobile marketing?

Zynga: How closely are they working together to improve their relations and drive revenue?

This call should be very telling and I for one am very interested to hear where they stand. Facebook is without a question the Social Media industry leader and their success and failures impact us all.  For a more in-depth look into the call look at this article on Mashable today!

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