Short Videos: Marketing For Mobile


At a time when most people spend the free minutes of their day on their mobile devices, it’s important to look at ways to market a product or brand that works for these mobile consumers.

People want short videos because it fits the “on-the-go” lifestyle, and quick tidbits of videos are easier and more convenient for consumers to watch on their mobile devices.

According to Social Media Examiner, there are six basic types of short videos that can help you be successful in marketing on social media.

“How To” Videos

Creating a quick tutorial will grab consumer’s interest. Including a link to a more in-depth video (made with animations through a logo animation software) can generate more traffic to your website too.

Market Yourself

Show off your skills and bring attention to your business in a quick and entertaining way.

Build Excitement for an Event

Short and sweet videos are a good way to advertise and build excitement for an upcoming event or holiday.

Introduce New Products

Play on the “me-first” aspect of human nature and show off your latest product. Walk the consumers through how it works and show them all the new and exciting features.

Backstage Pass

Show fans a behind-the-scenes look at the business. This humanizes the brand and lets people see the fun side of it.

Don’t Stress About Budget

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on video editing programs or props. Using every day items and free apps you can create powerful videos.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to share your product, using videos on social media is a fun way to get the word out.  They also stand out from the clutter more, as not many brands have full embraced them as part of their weekly messaging mix. Videos are perfect for the “mobile” consumers of today.  How is your video – game?

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Instagram 6.0- Becoming a Pro Photographer the Easy Way


Instagram 6.0 is the new way for users to rethink the way they post their photos. Instagram is no longer a photo app for over-edited photos, but now with the addition of nine new effects and adjustable filters, Instagram 6.0 will make you a better photographer with just the click of a button.  We, here at Sircle Media have tested it out and done some research on how it can be utilized to increase the “realness” of your grams.  Some quick notes:

  • The control button can be used to maximize or minimize the original strength of the filter
  • The 9 new effects include: adjust, brightness, contrast, warmth, highlights, shadows, saturation, vignette, and sharpen
  • Optional boarders for picture and video posts

Co-founder, Kevin Systrom confirms, “There’s an appetite for more advanced tools to let people be more creative on top of their photos.”  Instagram 6.0 will allow its network to reduce third-party editing app usage by focusing solely on the new adjustable effects to create professional-looking photos.  This revamp will change opportunities for posting and will generate a larger Instagram network.

Sircle’s POV for brands:

  • Gives brands more options to enhance their photos and videos
  • Allows brands to magnify their brand story-telling
  • Gives brands the power of simple, eye-catching imagery

To find out more about the new Instagram 6.0, click here.


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Snapchat Additions: What Will Brands Do?

snapchat_large-540x200Snapchat announced two important new features last week; text messaging and video chat.  These updates make the rapidly growing photo sharing app much more versatile and intriguing. Good news for those individuals who are snap and chat ready at all times, but what does this mean for brands? Should they be on there? Why? What are the benefits?

According to a recent article on Adage, Taco Bell, which was one of the early adapters on Snapchat, has agreed to release it’s newest taco on the app. As more and more brands start adopting strategic integrations it should spark new ideas and inspiration for others to follow suit.

The playful platform is so popular among users and if you can figure out how to leverage that audience you are going to be in good shape. For the moment, there are no analytics beyond seeing the number of followers which could be a problem for tracking.  That being said, it is very hard to ignore this large of an active and engaged audience.

Keep up with all of Snapchat’s changes with Mashable here.


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Instagram Actively Growing Over Other Social Networks

Twitter and Pinterest might be among the top social networks, but the platform to watch out for is the fastest-growing, Facebook-owned Instagram. The mobile platform has doubled it’s user base since the beginning of 2013 to more than 200 million active accounts. Even with it’s increasing active user base by 23% in the last six months (the largest of any social network last year), Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin are still top in the industry, in terms of penetration.

One of the reasons Instagram is actively growing at such a torrid pace is that it is really a social network only used on mobile devices. Smartphones are now the most popular form of access, giving Instagram the edge.


“One of the more interesting findings of the survey is that on the whole, social networking is most popular among 25-34 year-olds — 29% of Facebook users, 31% of Google+ users, 32% of Pinterest users, and 31% of Twitter users fall into this category. However, when it comes to Instagram (39%), Tumblr (45%), and YouTube (32%), the biggest users are aged 16-24.” ©AFP/Relaxnews 2014 To power it’s growth, Instagram made it’s Windows phone debut, and introduced the direct-message feature. Today, brands recognize that Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms for branding and reach.

It is crucial for brands to work and take advantage of this massive platform. Brands can post images or videos of products, special offers, fan photos, etc., which is a very useful way to engage with consumers in a direct way. It allows businesses to create highly shareable graphics that consumers will want to interact with.

Are you taking advantage of all that Instagram has to offer?  You should be…

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Facebook Home


Facebook announced last week that it would be introducing a new product that would change the mobile experience of The Social Network forever. In his announcement, Mark Zuckerberg talked about their “mobile best” strategy (as opposed to the common mobile first strategy for interactive software). The platform looks to be very exciting for Facebook fanatics such as myself.  Here are some main features:

  • Replacing the lock-screen with Timeline updates and Photos from your Facebook account.
  • Chat Heads – Their new feature that keeps the communication portion of SMS and Facebook Messenger in the forefront of your phone experience.
  • People First, Apps Second – The user interface that highlights “the people in your life” and let Apps take a back seat.

They are also about to launch their first ever television campaign across the US and you can see one of a series of new spots promoting Facebook Home here:  WATCH HERE

If you want to hear more in-depth discussion about what these updates mean for developers of Android and Facebook applications on the web, CLICK HERE 

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Is Your Marketing Mobile Friendly?

mobile marketing devicesHaving a mobile strategy is no longer a nice to have, it is indeed a must have component of your marketing strategy. This can be a frustrating reality for business owners as it always seems that just when you finish one project a new one creeps up that is mission critical for your survival.

My general recommendation is that it is not wise to be first with market changes as you should learn a little about how to do things right.  First generally rushes in and paves the way to for the rest of us. More importantly they can show us what does and does not work and we can adjust our plan accordingly.  I am a proponent however, of being an early adopter so that you can get out ahead of the curve.

With mobile we are very deep into the revolution and non participants are now considered late to the game. Walk the streets and you will see the mobile madness everywhere you go. In a place like Manhattan you are likely to be walked into at least once per day by a passerby deeply engaged with their little screen.  This is where the eyeballs are and more importantly this is definitely where people turn to for information on the fly. Not being there at this point is just plain irresponsible.

Aside from the strong recommendation of having a mobile or better yet a responsive website, you need to think specifically about your actual marketing promotions to make sure they are sound.  If a visit to your campaign is likely to come from a mobile device then the onus is on you to ensure that the user experience is a good one. If it is not, the value will be lost AND more importantly that user will likely not come back. Don’t let that happen!

Dave Kerpen a thought leader in my business and someone I respect very much recently wrote this piece on this topic for Fast Company.  Give it a read!

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