One Month In The Books- Jazmin’s Take


Well I have officially been employed by Sircle Media for a month (round of applause) and I have also held my first ever grown up job for a solid month. (another round of applause) I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome into adulthood or the real world. Being a part of The SircleSquad is an honor and I am loving every minute of it. I mean we even had a Waffle Brunch in the office today! (yum)

Waffle brunch.

Waffle brunch.

Learning is a major focus here and having as many tools in your toolbox is certainly important. Whether you enjoy graphic design, writing, content creation/implementation, or research you are guaranteed to gain major experience in each field. There are numerous areas of work and tons of different types of clients. Sircle does it all; consumer packaged goods, fashion, fitness, and much more.

My new coworkers are more like a little family than coworkers to be honest. They each have their own personalities, quirks, and sense of humor for sure. I kid you not, I enjoy waking up in the morning knowing that it is a work day and believe it or not- by Sunday afternoons, I miss work and my Sircle family.


Working hard or hardly working?

The environment is beyond motivational and supportive. The help and guidance from the rest of the team has been incredible and not once have I felt like the “new kid” or not part of the team. I had a sneak peek into the company culture before starting with Sircle, after interning with one of Sircle’s clients last summer and I wanted in.

Adam and Sam’s work ethic and passion for the brand made me want to work for such a forward thinking and hard working company. You could tell they hustled hard and were good at their jobs, but had fun while doing so and that was what I loved. I am fortunate enough to say, that is exactly what I got. Moving 1,062 miles away from home to one of the biggest cities in the world was completely thrilling, but simultaneously terrifying. Having such a solid and encouraging work team and environment has been amazing.  Now I plan to “Hustle Hard” on the daily…



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Third Week As a Sircle Media Intern

WelcomeThis marks the end of the third week of my internship here at Sircle Media. This is my first experience in the real world and I wouldn’t change a thing so far. Before coming into the office on the first day, I had no idea what to expect; I was terrified. I walk into the building and asked the lady at the front desk what floor Sircle Media is located on. She gave me the most confused look and said that it didn’t exist. All I was thinking is, “Great I already messed up and I’m not even there yet, It’s all downhill from here!.” Even though it turned out I was in the right building and the lady didn’t look it up in the right place. Thank goodness we figured it out!

I finally walked into the office and it was nice to see a large wall of windows looking out into New York City (pretty cool for my first “job”).  I was greeted by Adam, and three of my co-workers who each know so much about all the Social Media platforms. I was warmly welcomed and just dove right into the world of Social Media.

I sat down with Adam as he was explaining to me what Sircle Media was all about and how my internship will be a great learning experience, and he really wasn’t lying! I also sat in on a meeting with one of their clients on my first day and I was so intrigued. I was actually able to see and hear how Sircle Media interacts with their clients firsthand.

Now that I’ve been here for three weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of work on Pinterest and Instagram for Sircle Media’s clients. The work that happens behind the scenes of Social Media is just so interesting to me! I’m more ready than ever to dive into this business.

Although this is my first time in a work environment, I realize that I really enjoy a small close-knit company that makes such a huge difference for their clients. It’s safe to say that I am learning so much and having a great and exciting experience at the same time. I hope to continue to learn and to help make a big difference during my time here!

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Outrageous Ad For Bowlmor Lanes

I recently saw this outrageous advertisement for Bowlmor Lanes, and I couldn’t help but comment. I am all for being different and out of the box, but this is just so crazy. The image and the content are nutty, and this is a bowling alley in NYC that I have been to with my kids. It is pretty crazy that they can put an ad like this out there in the public.

I mean really? This is kind of crazy, no?

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