Facebook Pages Redesign: Sircle Media’s POV


We recently highlighted the Facebook redesign of the newsfeed, but they’re not stopping there. Facebook Pages are also getting a redesign for Page visitors and Page administrators, and Facebook is calling it a more streamlined look.

What you need to know:

  • The redesign includes two columns similar to the old version, but the right column is now the Page’s timeline and the left includes information about the brand or corporation (In the old design, both columns served as the Timeline; posts were staggered between the left and right columns as users scrolled down.)
  • In the new design, the “Invite Your Friends” section has moved from the right side of the screen to the left, and the text box for posting switched from the left to the right side.
  • For Page admins, a new metrics section on the far right-hand side of the Page includes data about ads, Likes and post reach.
  • Facebook is also rolling out “Pages to Watch” for all admins, meaning users can create a list of similar or competitor pages to compare metrics like engagement and Page Likes.

We are all for change here at Sircle Media, especially if it helps our clients better achieve their goals of engagement and reach for their brand. The “Pages to Watch” will be a very helpful and useful feature in order to know what’s going on in the competitive landscape and how to compare the insights.  Once Facebook rolls out the changes and we have had a chance to use the new features we will check back in and let you know more about what we do and/or do not like about the redesign. Until then you can read more about it here: http://on.fb.me/1ftK8Po

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Facebook Redesign: What You Need to Know


Facebook has recently announced a redesigned News Feed that separates streams of content into multiple categories and elevates the user interface with a mobile-inspired design.

The goal of the News Feed is to provide a “personalized newspaper,” according to Mark Zuckerberg.  It’s being changed to take advantage of more visual content sharing, as well as seperating personal stories and posts from public figures. “We want updates from our friends, but we also want updates from publications” and others.

Understanding that half of posts on the News Feed are visual content, the Facebook team has made photos and albums larger. Articles have also been expanded to include a fuller summary and the logo of the publication. Facebook is also working to make third-party content from places like Pinterest more attractive.

Besides the visual redesign, Facebook is also trying to take advantage of its “Like” system and various streams of information from apps or different groups of friends. Along with user’s friends’ stories, it will begin including recommended sites and articles or other content from people or pages that they’re interested in. There’s a new dedicated feed for people you follow but aren’t friends with, another nod to the change from pure social network to “newspaper.”

Facebook’s new look fits with the current trend of clean, image-saturated sites — it can now be compared to it’s competitor, Google+.

The new News Feed is launching on the web version today, with a mobile version coming in the next few weeks;  for more information on the change, click here!

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Get More Transparent With The New Facebook News Feed.


Facebook now makes it easier for people to see more of who they want rather than random people they don’t care about. This social platform is all about transparency. They want you to be updated at any point of the day on whoever and whatever is important to you. The new features include: Story Bumping, Last Actor, and Chronological by Actor.

Story Bumping: Facebook will now move stories up on your news feed that you missed. This will boost engagement because more people will be able to view the post. “People are 8% more likely to engage with a post from a brand.” For example, a post that was posted at 8:00 would show up again in the 9:00 posting time as well.

Last Actor: Facebook will show you more of the stuff from the last 50 people you interacted with rather than the random people who are just “friends” with.

Chronological by Actor: If one of your friends is posting a lot of stuff when there is a lot of other activity in your feed, it will still show up in your feed in chronological order.

Facebook is also starting to share how algorithms work (EdgeRank) on the “Facebook for Business” blog, which they created to have better communication to businesses.

For brands, these new changes will allow their stories to show up more often and get more engagement because they won’t be missed as frequently. Especially when they have a new and/or recent engagement with a fan, they will now be more likely to stay “top of mind” with the Last Actor change.

To see more about this new Facebook update, click HERE.

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