Facebook Graph Search Exploration

I posted in this blog about the launch announcement for Facebook’s Graph Search back in January and I was admittedly excited about the potential of it all. A couple of weeks later I was one of the early accounts granted access to the tool and have been using it ever since.

It definitely takes some getting used to, which makes sense for any major change like this.  For someone who uses Facebook literally all day long I have found it frustrating at times as I try to navigate amongst my various client pages.  When trying to quickly toggle from profile to profile I find to be a bit more cumbersome than before.

For businesses it is now more important than ever before to pay close attention to how your page is structured. Keywords, descriptions, key business information etc. need to be written in a way that will make it more likely to show up in search.  i.e. If you are a Steakhouse in NYC, you better make sure to have Steakhouse as a key business description and have your NYC address entered correctly.  Not to do so could put you out of a relevant search.  Here i queried (Steakhouses in NYC liked by my friends) and this is what came up.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 8.52.12 AM

Arlington Club is only a few months old but they have done a tremendous job with PR and Social Media and have worked their way to the top of my list. (and many others in my circle, that is for sure) When I look at the names of my friends who like the restaurant I found 13 “influencers” who I feel are pretty trendy and know a good time. This leaves a positive impression on me personally and is much more influential than a Google Search or Yelp review, because my own personal impression of these people makes their LIKE that much more powerful to me.

I read this piece in Social Media Today which breaks the entire platform down a bit further and I feel there are some helpful tips here. I thought I would share it with my readers.  Has your account changed over yet?  What are your thoughts on Graph Search?

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NYC is for ME!

After being away from NYC for a week I can definitely say that I still love the city more than any other place on Earth. The pace, the energy and the constant flow of ideas and innovation fuel my love for this crazy place.  I know many haters out there who think NY is overrated, but they are just flat out wrong. Probably better that they just stop visiting.

I was away in The Bahamas in the most beautiful setting, but for some reason all I could think about was the fast paced island of Manhattan.  The tiny underdeveloped island of Exuma, is actually much larger than NYC, but it is only inhabited by 7000. I am fairly certain my apartment building alone houses more people.  We went to the three supermarkets on the island and were unable to find a single chicken breast to cook.  Only chicken feet, chicken parts (what does that even mean?) and a large package of 15 chicken breasts with a sell by date of November 1st 2011. SKETCH.

We met a lot of locals on the island and a lot of tourists. The people I liked the most? You guessed it, other New Yorkers who live three blocks away from me, whom I had never seen or met before. Now I have new “neighbors” to look out for when I get home. I always comment on how amazing it is that there are so many people and you can pass millions on any given day and know nobody. Talk about escaping, go to Central Park and disappear for the day if you desire.

The one thing the island did have was wireless internet everywhere. The resort had it it every nook and cranny and even the tiny little airport with a make shift security line and a tiny little runway had higher speed internet than most Starbucks. Facebook usage was very high and I think every computer screen I snuck a peek at over the week was opened to it. It really is the most universally accepted portal into the web.  Powerful! It is amazing how the whole planet is becoming inter connected through the web and as a result many of the islanders were more curious about places like Manhattan then we are about Exuma.  I think they would gladly switch places, but not me….I am a New Yorker through and through and I look forward to getting back there ASAP.

My family and I head back north today. NYC here I come!

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