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Pinterest for business

Pinterest is getting in on the holiday action with some nice new improvements to their Business Platform. Yesterday they rolled out some cool new features, most notably a new rotating showcase and the ability to highlight boards and Buyable Pins.  While interest in Pinterest (sorry, had to) has waned a bit for brands, it remains a very powerful platform, especially for brands with strong visuals and an E-commerce focus.

Pinterest said in an email to SocialTimes that “more than 1 million businesses are on the social network, and 75 percent of the content saved by users comes from those businesses,” which is a powerful statistic if you think about it. It means that for those users who are actively pinning the day away, (and trust me there are quite a few) they are mostly pulling ideas, inspiration and yes even products they would like to buy, from business profiles. This smells like attention grabbing opportunity, so you can count us in!

PinterestBusinessProfilesUpdateKateSpadeThe showcase feature really stands out to us because it is almost like a Facebook Cover Photo, but even better because it has actionable images that could link directly back to your website. Pinterest Product Manager Adam Barton said, “now when your customers visit you on Pinterest, you can greet them with a hand-picked showcase of the best ideas you have to offer. The new rotating showcase sits right at the top of your profile, so it’s the first thing people see. You get to decide how you introduce yourself and how you shape the story of your business.”

With this feature in place right as we enter December and a major online shopping season, it is a strong recommendation to get in there and take advantage of this prime real estate.  For some more on this update you can check out this piece from SocialTimes and/or go right the source and learn from Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!





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Promoted Pins = Potential Purchases!

We are running Promoted Pins for many of our clients these days and we are seeing some amazing results.  We only encourage them for those with an e-commerce focus and who are willing to pay to acquire a new customer. Pinterest offers you access to a lot of really engaged users and those who are ready to spend.  We recommend having a discount code (we actually refer to it as an acquisition code for those who don’t like to “discount their products”) to help fish for users and get them back to the domain.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.53.12 AM

Recently we ran the above campaign for our amazing client Veestro to promote some of their delicious products. We spent a total of $23.20 and earned 57,000+ impressions served up to a very targeted and specific audience.  On top of the reach, we earned 58 clicks to the domain, 67 REPINS to specific boards and 21 LIKES from targeted users.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.55.41 AMPromoted Pins have an ancillary benefit in that once you see these REPINS and LIKES you can then click through and engage those users directly as the brand on the platform.  Now you can strike up a one to one conversation with someone who saw your Ad, and went so far as to pin it to a personal board (REAL EXAMPLES: Food I love, YUM, Food I need to try) which clearly showcases their thoughts on the item. This is a unique opportunity that is not available on any other platform.

We then go in and curate these engagements for our clients and engage the users in a friendly conversation to further the relationship.  This is a manual process, but very well worth the effort in our opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.36.54 AM

Here is an example of that conversation turning into a potential sales opportunity with a user who has a real interest in Vegan food (perfect fit for our client). Some brands stay away from Pinterest because they don’t fully grasp the true potential of the ecosystem.  We engage regularly with users by way of repinning, liking and even commenting on user pictures. Promoted pins are excellent because they give you exposure, tee up a bunch of immediate engagement opportunities and if you strike while the iron is hot, you can facilitate sales opportunities right then and there. = $ocial Win!

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Improving Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest is a great tool to market your company and products, but in order to increase your following, there are certain techniques you should practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Pinterest is not just a platform to share images, but also a search engine for its users. The site takes information from individual user’s pages and suggests content based on what the user pins. When marketing on Pinterest, it is important to tactically name files and incorporate text that, in turn, will be suggested to users. For instance, when creating a board, Pinterest suggests certain titles for you to use, such as ‘Places to Go’ or ‘Recipes to Make.’ However, it is better to add specific words to your title so that it reaches a broader audience. Therefore, ‘Healthy and Quick Recipes for the Family’ will reach a larger audience than ‘Recipes to Make.’

Track Your Content:

Pinterest Analytics is a tool for businesses that allow you to track the different types of content that users are interested in. This is useful in deciding what to post in the future in order to gain more followers. This tool is also beneficial because you can see which pins are popular on your page. The content on Pinterest is relevant longer than content on other social media sites, so it is common for an older pin to be revived months later and suddenly be shared a lot.


Engaging with your followers is crucial in the world of Pinterest. Pinning your own content is important, of course, but actively engaging with other users is just as significant. Be sure to watch your notifications so you can repin, like, and comment on the content your followers are sharing. By closely watching the notifications, you can also see which of your posts are the most popular among your followers.

Planning Ahead:

As mentioned, it is imperative to not only post your own content, but also share other user’s content on your Pinterest boards. By creating a ‘secret board’ on the site, you can search and save pins to share on your public boards in the future. This allows you to research what types of topics are popular and typically are receiving a large number of pins.

Be Mobile Friendly:

Pinterest is not just a site for users on a desktop computer, it is also used a lot on smartphones. It’s crucial to check that your images are sized for both desktop and mobile devices, making sure the images are cropped correctly, the text is readable, and your content can be pinned on both is important.

By following these simple tips, you’ll quickly increase your following and website traffic via this amazing social network.

Happy Pinning…

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How To Find Your Place in Pinterest


When clients ask us about Pinterest we tell them it is the best driver of e-commerce. Why? Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that allows people to collect ideas for projects and interests. While it is a great tool for both individuals and brands, it is important to remain strategic about a brand’s approach and ensure that their pins are being seen. Here are 7 tips from Social Media Examiner on how to be seen on Pinterest:

1. Show pins to newsletter readers – When sending out a weekly or monthly e-mail include a few of your best Pinterest pins. Include a screenshot of the pins and place a clickable link on the image that links to the pin. When newsletter readers click on the image they’re taken to that pin on PInterest where they can see all your boards. It’s a win-win!

2. Promote your presence - Using Pinterest group boards is an excellent way to reach more people to get repins, followers and traffic.

3. Track pins from competitor domains – People who pin items from your competitors’ websites are probably people you would want to have pinning from your website. Pinalerts is a simple app that let’s you set alerts for when items are pinned from any domain – like your competitors’ websites so you can find those pinners.

4. Find popular group boards - Using Pinterest group boards is an excellent way to reach more people to get repins, followers and traffic. But it’s extremely hard to find good group boards on Pinterest because there’s been no search feature to help you out. PinGroupie is an easy to use and free tool that finds group boards.

5. Drive traffic with blog boards – By creating a blog board, you provide a place for your followers to find all your posts. Followers also automatically see any new blogs you pin on their homepage. Make sure you name your board using relevant keywords so it is easy to find through search engines.

6. Use pin it for later links – Publish a blog post, then pin an image from the article to a board. Copy the URL of the pin. Use that same image for a post on your Google+ page. It’s a helpful way to let others bookmark your content for reading at another time.

7. Include price tags - Pinterest pins with prices get 36 percent more likes than those without.

Want more information? Get more detailed instruction and tips on these 7 visibility tips for Pinterest.

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