Creating Ads On Facebook Has Never Been Easier


For months now, Facebook has been trying to simplify their advertising processes. They released streamlined Facebook Ad types and Ad products, removed online offers, sponsored results and question ads, and even enhanced the image size that goes along with the Ad. Now, they are making it even more simple and allowing advertisers to hone in and focus on what’s really important: driving results for their business.

The first thing that is done when starting to create an Ad is answering one simple question: “What’s your advertising objective?” After that is answered, Facebook will recommend what kind of Ads would fit with that objective and then measure their impact after the Ad has launched and preformed. The objectives that a business may choose from include: clicks to website, website conversions, page post enhancement, page likes, app installs, app engagement, in-store offer claims, and event responses. Choose one, and let Facebook recommend the best Ad-type for you. Simple as that!

Facebook is also now allowing businesses to choose where they want their Ads to appear, whereas before, Facebook placed your Ad where they thought it was preforming best. Now, if a business wants to drive traffic to their website, they can put up a Desktop Ad with a link that drives them to their full desktop site, or if they want to drive traffic to their mobile website, they can put up a Mobile Ad with a link that drives them to their mobile site. This gives the business a better way to tailor Ad experiences.

Another major update was on Facebook’s Ad Manager tool. The tool is used by advertisers so they can see how their Ad is performing. The updated version allows the advertiser to specifically see the results based on their objective(s). It also gives you the cost per stated objective. For example, if the objective was to get “clicks to website”, the results would tell you how many people actually clicked the link and the cost per clicks to website.

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Facebook Advertising Success-Via Email?

We have been having a lot of success lately using various Facebook Advertising features for our clients.  The “sexy” part of Social Media to most businesses and brands, is the actual marketing on social networks to drive eyeballs, likes and behavior in general.  This is how you get new fans to engage with you and it takes you one true step closer to doing business of some kind with them.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 8.19.38 AMOne particular function that we like is “Custom Audiences” which is a feature in the Power Editor that allows you to upload your own email list (or a segment of it) and reach your subscribers via Facebook Ads.  It is important to note that your subscribers’ email addresses are hashed (encrypted) so you dont have to worry about them suddenly getting emails from Facebook.

You can also create “Lookalike Audiences” where Facebook finds users for you with similar demographics to your email list (but not necessarily based on the social graph), so these are people you may not otherwise have been able to reach. One clever tactic is to upload your ‘unsubscribe’ list, which might bring back fans/customers who possibly like your product, but were tired of your emails.

Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences are effective tools to increase your fan base, engagement, click thru rates and ultimately get more paying customers/clients. Power Editor is an advanced feature available in your main Ads Dashboard.

Facebook has a free PDF guide to Creating and Managing Custom Audiences!! Cool. You can download it here:

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