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Social media has become an important tool for companies when they introduce a new product or service. Social media is different than more traditional types of advertising because a company’s social media presence often reaches a more particular audience. Social Media Examiner has put together a list of ways to help launch a new product or service on Facebook.

1)   Plan ahead
Start mapping out your Facebook strategy at least two months in advance. Think about what materials you will use on your page and start any preparations.

2)   Build excitement
Start posting teasers about your upcoming launch to get people talking, and use a variety of different content on your page to keep it interesting.

3)   Keep the energy up
Even once your product launches, you have to keep the excitement around it going for awhile. Use promotions and contests to keep interest high.

4)   Assess
Once the launch is over, it is important to thank your audience for their support. Then, analyze your results to see how your campaign did.

These are some of the key points to hit when you are looking to create buzz on Facebook about a new service or product that your company is offering. Be creative and strategic, and start planning ahead in order to have an organized and successful launch.

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