Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Samantha Falk

We just hired a new superstar for the team and her name is Samantha. She is fresh out of college where she played soccer for The U (said in a thug voice) in Miami. We sat down to get to know her and this is what we learned:

Samantha Falk ImageWhat is your name? - Samantha Winter Falk

What made you get into social media ? - In today’s world it is almost impossible not to get into, or use, social media. I use social media daily, whether it is connecting with friends on Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram, I am constantly checking to see what is happening on my social feeds. Having majored in Public Relations, I became interested in social media and its impact on different types of companies, brands, products and businesses. I think what made me really want to get into this field is that everyone is starting to use it more frequently. Social media allows for businesses, or anyone for that matter, to express themselves in their own unique way, and enables them to connect with so many other people so seamlessly. Unlike other industries, the social media arena seems to be growing so rapidly and I am so excited to now be immersed in it at Sircle.

Where were you born? - Manhasset, NY

How old are you? – 22

What is your favorite color and why? – Sea-foam green, because it was always my “go-to” when I used Crayola Crayons and sounds way cooler than just “green”.

Best comedy film of all time? - There are way too many, so I’ll base this off of which one I tend to quote the most- Step Brothers

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? - Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch… Don’t ask, my iPod was on shuffle and I couldn’t press next. And you can’t not get in a good mood listening to it

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? - Hands down, Justin Timberlake. Besides growing up listening to N*SYNC and being jealous of Britney Spears, JT is in my opinion one of the most talented celebrities today. Not only is he an incredible singer and dancer, but he is a great actor and I am a huge fan of the movies he has been in, and the roles he has played in them. JT has impeccable style, which has made him one of the top male fashion icons over the years. I think he is a man of many hats who wears them all very well.

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