Meet Our Newest Intern, Hannah!

Name: Hannah Moran

Hometown: Long Island, New York

University and Major: Boston College- Communications major with a minor in Management and Leadership

Year: Junior

What do you love to do outside of your internship?: Outside of this internship, I have a passion for cooking and being outdoors. I love experimenting with simple and creative recipes, but also enjoy spending time running or going to the beach.

Beach or Forest?:  The beach! I love warm weather and relaxing in the Summer.

Why Sircle Media?: Social media is such an integral part of everyone’s lives today. It is important that we think about how we consume information day to day. Sircle Media gives me the opportunity to understand how to leverage social media not only for myself, but for businesses and brands to grow. This internship offers hands-on experience that allows me to expand my creative skills to the next level.

What is one social media skill or topic you’ve been working on during your internship?: Working with new brands that Sircle represents and helping them launch social media strategies to build brand awareness to other consumers. I’ve become well-versed in developing social media strategies across all platforms as well as exploring influencers that match a client’s content creation. I really enjoy the entrepreneurial and innovative aspects behind the work Sircle does.

What is one skill or topic you hope to learn more about?: I hope to learn more about managing client relationships and understanding how to solve their targeted needs.

Favorite client to work on?: Gutzy Organic! I love their message of living confidently and fearlessly to achieve your goals.

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Sircle Squad Intern: D-Jai

Name: D-Jai Kosiyabong

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand.

University and Major: Pratt Institute, Majoring in Photography with a double minor in Psychology and Art History.

Year: Senior

Favorite Move/Book?: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami

Beach or Forest?: Definitely forest!

Why Sircle Media?: I just love the way Sircle creates such innovative and compelling content. I also really like our work environment and how everyone is super communicative and how we are given solid feedback about our work. I was really surprised how much trust they put in the interns and how on my first day I was able to shoot with them. The amazing environment and amount of trust are really what makes Sircle such a good place to work!

What is one social media skill or topic you’ve been working on during your internship?: I’ve been working on honing my skills when it comes to retouching and how to edit packaging in a certain way. Jenna and Ticha have really given me such good feedback and have taught me tips and tricks in order to save time and make the end result great.

What is one skill or topic you hope to learn more about?: I am hoping to learn more about how to talk and communicate with clients!

Favorite client to work on?: There are so many! But right now, it would have to be Terra Origin!

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The Intern Experience – Sircle Style

Internships are a right of passage of sorts, for many college students. As much as you can learn in the classroom, there is no substitute for the real-world experience you can gain through interning with a company that interests you. It provides valuable intel and skills, that will ultimately help you get a job come graduation.

We have eleven interns at Sircle this summer with a variety of interests and University majors. Each one works hard with our team to learn new skills every day. According to intern Nicole Schrum, the best part about interning with Sircle Media is how much she learns on a daily basis.

“My favorite part of this internship so far is definitely being able to learn about how to utilize social media in a business setting,” she said. “I have always been interested in how different companies use social media to promote products, and now I’m learning so much about it every day while interning.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.19.02 PM

Erinn Magrosky, another intern, agrees, adding that Sircle’s hands-on approach to teaching their interns has helped her grow immensely.

“Week by week I’m learning so much and expanding my knowledge about social media and how it impacts a business,” she said.

Another important part of interning is getting used to an office atmosphere and learning to work with all kinds of people. Intern Ricki Friedman cites this coming together of minds is one of the best parts of interning with Sircle.

“My favorite part of this internship so far is working together with everyone despite our differences,” she said. “We all have various thinking patterns and ideas, and it’s cool to see how our thoughts all come together when creating something.”

But interning at Sircle Media isn’t all work and no play. In a field that requires so much creativity, fun is an inevitability.

Shrum said she enjoys the adulthood version of field trips that she gets to take to find the perfect inspiration for a brand. “My favorite moments are going around New York City to create content for clients,” she said. “It allows us to be creative and take really cool photos for the clients.”

Ricki agreed that getting creative for content is one of the best parts of the experience. “Everyone was giving us skeptical looks and I loved every second of it,” she said of turning a conference room into a studio for an impromptu photo shoot.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.16.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-07 at 3.18.20 PM

As our interns (or Future Community Managers as we like to call them) prepare to hit the ground running for the second half of their internship, intern Nicole Becht reflects back on her first half and shares some valuable advice. “Work hard all the time, have fun and stay focused. Only you can take yourself to where you want to be.” This is great advice for the whole team and future interns who will join us this fall.  Can’t wait to meet ‘em.


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