To Sling or Snap?


Last Tuesday, Facebook launched its new app, “SlingShot”. Strikingly similar to Snapchat, Slingshot is essentially a messaging app that allows users to send disappearing pictures and videos to other users. But Facebook says that the app is not a messaging app, but a “sharing” app – more of a “virtual status update”, if you will. Here’s what you should know about Slingshot that, slightly, sets it apart from Snapchat:

1. Slingshot allows users to send picture and video messages up to 15 seconds long

2. Anyone can send messages to anyone on Slingshot – there is no approval process for adding contacts

3. Slingshot requires users to respond to a message BEFORE they can unlock and view it– encouraging, or more so requiring, active engagement with the app

4. Once you “unlock” your Slingshot message, you can leave it open for as long as you like – but once you close it, it’s gone for good

5. Slingshot comes with features to save picture and video messages – but unlike Snapchat, the original sender will not receive a “screenshot” notification

6. Messages sent to only to you come with a “Just for You” notification, while messages sent to multiple people will appear with only the senders name

In addition to these more obvious differences, Slingshot is said to be faster and more elegant in its design and features like text and drawing tools than it’s competitor Snapchat. To see you for yourself, get it straight from the source, Mashable!

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