Snapchat Additions: What Will Brands Do?

snapchat_large-540x200Snapchat announced two important new features last week; text messaging and video chat.  These updates make the rapidly growing photo sharing app much more versatile and intriguing. Good news for those individuals who are snap and chat ready at all times, but what does this mean for brands? Should they be on there? Why? What are the benefits?

According to a recent article on Adage, Taco Bell, which was one of the early adapters on Snapchat, has agreed to release it’s newest taco on the app. As more and more brands start adopting strategic integrations it should spark new ideas and inspiration for others to follow suit.

The playful platform is so popular among users and if you can figure out how to leverage that audience you are going to be in good shape. For the moment, there are no analytics beyond seeing the number of followers which could be a problem for tracking.  That being said, it is very hard to ignore this large of an active and engaged audience.

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