Grow Your Facebook Audience

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

In the days of social media, having a large online presence is essential. But sometimes, even if you’re posting good content, you don’t have a large audience to see it. Social Media Examiner has tips for growing your Facebook audience to best help your brand.

1)   Make sure you have a Facebook “Like” button on your website. That way if people go to your site and like what they see, they can choose to follow you on Facebook to see more from you.
2)   Link to your company’s Facebook page when you contribute content to sites. For example, if you write content for someone else’s website, make sure to include the Facebook page in your bio.
3)   Use your personal Facebook page to link to your company’s page. Under your work section, add your company as your workplace so that it links to your company’s page.
4)   Add your Facebook page to the bottom of your email signature.
5)   Use Facebook Ads Manager to make an ad for your page. This will allow you to choose which audience you want to target.
6)   Use your company’s page as your main Facebook page. Comment, like, and share content on that page to bring attention to it, instead of your own personal page.
7)   Share your Facebook page on other social media sites. Promote your page on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to get more attention.
8)   Try creating a group on Facebook. That way people in the group will automatically get notifications about new posts.

Try some of these ideas to grow your Facebook page. A larger audience will help bring attention to your company and benefit your brand.

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Improve Tweets By Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter_AIt is not well-known that Twitter has an easy tool to help analyze tweets and boost tweet engagement. Social Media Examiner shares four easy steps to using and understanding Twitter analytics.

Twitter Activity 
There is no separate account needed to access Twitter analytics. Go to ads.twitter and sign in with your regular Twitter login information. After you’ve set a permanent country and time zone, you’ll have the option to click on ‘Analytics’ and view Tweet Activity. This will display your tweets from the past 28 days, as well as impressions, engagements, link clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies.

Export Data
Select ‘Export’ and choose the first batch of 92 days.You can repeat this process until you have at least a year’s worth of data downloaded. After this, consolidate all of this information into a master Microsoft Excel sheet. This document will help you take a look at the best times to tweet, what types of tweets get the most engagement, and the the amount of engagements your account has received.

Best Times to Tweet
Sort the data from the most to fewest impressions. You will be able to see what dates and times your tweets got the most impressions. From this information you can find trends based on day of week or time of the day. The top 50 or 100 tweets should give you an accurate view. Keep in mind that you should be tweeting consistently in order to get an accurate assessment.

Engaging Tweets
After you figure out the best time and day to tweet, the engagement column will help you assess what types of tweets are the most popular with your audience. Engagement takes into account all of the retweets, replies, favorites, or any other type of click.

This information gives you a greater understanding of your followers. It is important to export this data every few months to see if there are any changes.

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Facebook To Overtake YouTube

Untitled design copy
There seems to be an infinite social media platforms to choose from. But, it is still important to maintain a strong Facebook presence. Social Media Examiner  recently shared  five research findings about Facebook and its impact online marketing:

According to 2014 website analytics, Facebook has four times more traffic than Pinterest, it’s nearest competitor. In just over a year, Facebook’s share of sending traffic to websites increased by 115%. This means that people are more likely to be redirected to other sites while scrolling through Facebook, as opposed to other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+.

Video Uploads
Between January and June 2014, content creators uploaded 50% of videos directly to Facebook, instead of using a third party platform such as YouTube. In fact, researchers predict that direct Facebook video uploads will surpass those uploaded to YouTube by the end of the year. This may seem surprising since YouTube is a website created for the sole purpose of video uploading, but Facebook has consistently outperformed YouTube in views and engagement.

Mobile Usage
Nowadays, consumers access their social media accounts through their smartphones 71% of the time, and 24% of total social networking engagement happens on Facebook. Facebook is using these statistics to their advantage by constantly improving and expanding their mobile platform. In October of this year, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the number one mobile messaging service.

Social Logins
In 2014, Facebook authenticated about 50% of all social logins. The other half of logins came from five separate social networks, making Facebook by far the biggest leader in social logins. Social logins are convenient for consumers, making them far less likely to abandon the registration process.

Email Offers
In a study examining the effectiveness of email outreach combined with Facebook advertisement, it was found that subscribers who opened their emails and were exposed to ads were 22% more likely to make a purchase.

Facebook has still proven to be extremely effective in increasing brand awareness, visibility, engagement, and email marketing. We don’t see Facebook going anywhere for a long time.

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Successfully Monitor Your Brand Using Facebook Pages


With Facebook’s constant changes, it is very important to continue to monitor your brand using your Facebook page tools. Whether you are having trouble finding compelling content to share with your fans or not, it is crucial that your brand is taking advantage of the tools that can help you understand your fans, industry and perhaps of equal importance, your competition.

Facebook continues to create tools to help page admins have increased and improved visibility so they can make more informed decisions with their content.  As page reach continues to decline it makes it even more important to be calculated in your content approach and storytelling.



According to Social Media Examiner, there are 5 must-haves that a brand should take into consideration:

1. Create a monitoring system

2. Add functionality

3. Find trending hashtags to use

4. Create engaging, striking images

5. Good content creation tools

Take a closer look at the 5 Facebook page tools to better monitor your brand on Social Media Examiner:

Facebook also recently updated one of their mobile applications, rolling out version 3.0 of it’s Pages Manager for iOS. New features afford you the ability as a page administrator to pin and unpin posts on their pages.

Key new features:

  • Pin and unpin posts to the top of the page timeline
  • Create and edit events on the iPad
  • Import phone contacts and invite them to like your page (U.S. only)
  • Turn photos on your page timeline and photo albums into profile pictures

At Sircle Media, we always try to take advantage of each and every tool within Facebook Pages on behalf of our clients.  We do this to make sure we are monitoring what is being said, who is interacting with them, what content is curated the most and what engages people.  Using the new Pages App. and the Pages To Watch Feature, offer us great tools to do so.

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