Twitter Cards: Expand Your Tweets, Expand Your Business


Twitter Cards are a great new way for businesses to feature their content. The Twitter card expands a tweet beyond the basic text and creates a media rich experience that includes anything from images to videos to product information.  Whatever you may be promoting, from a product to a website, Twitter has created 8 different cards to help you do it.

1. Summary Card: This card summarizes any type of informational page, such as a blog, and provides access to further information

2. Photo Card: Great for any business featuring art or photography, this card allows you to highlight one photo within a tweet

3. Gallery Card: Just like the photo card, but allow up to four images in a tweet!

4. App Card: This card detects a user viewing a tweet on their iPhone and directs them to the App store to download the business’s app!

5. Player Card: Puts live video or audio within a tweet, allowing businesses to tweet each piece of media they create

6. Product Card: The product card should be seriously considered for any business selling a product – The card allows a business to feature a product with title, description, thumbnail image, and Twitter handle attribution, along with details such as price, location, and availability to make purchasing easy!

7. Lead Generation: Great way for users to get leads for businesses – the user clicks just one button to share their Twitter associated email and subscribe to their page

8. Website Card: Features a businesses website to drive traffic directly to their homepage!

For more information about Twitter Cards and how to install them, check out this article.

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Twitter’s New Website Card: What You Need to Know!


The latest Twitter feature, the Website Card was introduced on Friday, May 2nd. The new ad unit is a powerful and new way for advertisers to easily surface website content within a tweet and drive relevant traffic to any page of their site, whether it be their product page, homepage, or a blog post.

This card permits users to easily find interesting content while providing advertisers the ability to drive a higher volume of URL clicks.  Users are able to preview an image, related context and a clear call to action in their timeline before tapping. Advertisers can tease certain content and therefore entice visits.

This is a great addition for Twitter marketing as it allows brands to get more information about people once they’ve gone from a Website Card to a commercial page. As Twitter grows and matures, so too shall it’s marketing opportunities for brands.

For more information on Website Cards from Twitter check out their blog post on it here.

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