On using Twitter Search to your advantage…

On this episode, I talk about using Search.Twitter.com to your advantage more for business. I think brands have given up on Twitter and/or have really demoted it in favor of Instagram (proper and Stories) and Facebook. That is fine, but it most certainly should not be abandoned.

Whether you use it personally or not is irrelevant, what matters is that a ton of people do use it religiously and are often using it to seek information and recommendations about a range of topics. The search feature is incredibly powerful because within seconds you can take a peek at what conversations are happening and chime right in.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.46.19 AM

A simple search for “Vegan Protein Powder” will give you a breakdown of all people who are talking about that topic on Twitter. Not only can you find other brands to collaborate with, competitor brands to monitor and influencers to engage as secondary benefits, but more importantly you will find customers looking for advice.

For a brand looking to sell a product online and to introduce something new to a niche market this is everything.  As you can see below, these are three inquiries for recommendations on this exact topic in the past week.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 9.35.21 AM

For me, this is gold. I can easily see who is talking about the itch that my product can scratch and I can chime into the conversation from the comfort of my own home?  Sign me up…




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Win of The Week: Revenue In 140 Characters or Less


Don’t sleep on Twitter. The micro-blogging platform has taken a lot of body blows over the past year or so, both on the street and in the mind’s of marketers. Whereas many of our clients and prospects used to have Twitter in their “Big 4″ (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest) many are now questioning whether or not they should even be active on it at all.  FYI: They should!

Twitter is the only true, real time purveyor of news and information out there. When things are unfolding in the world, both tragic (shootings, earthquakes etc.) and positive/entertaining (awards shows, TV/movie/streaming service episodes etc.) people turn to the bird, to get their immediate fix of what is happening in the moment. Yes growth has stalled, and other platforms are taking marketshare, but Twitter still has 310million+ active users and is a direct line into people’s mobile devices, where 83% of active users are.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.17.41 AM

We like Twitter for SMB’s and brands, because it is an excellent tool to find eyeballs and serve up branded content (like you see above) and/or marketing messages to potential customers. We encourage at least 100-150 outgoing Tweets a month (3-5 daily) and ideally most will drive traffic back through your domain. As marketers continue to try to prove the value of social in the marketing and ROI funnel, it is important to have as many tools at your disposal as you can.  Twitter is a very valuable asset in this regard.

There is a lot of noise on the platform so it is important to be regimented and consistent with your output, which can be daunting to most. It seems like a lot of heavy lifting, but sometimes you have to put in the work if you want to get the sale. What is more important than that?

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.25.26 AMHere is an exchange from the Tweet listed above for our client Veestro. This user saw our content and replied with a simple innocuous message, that it “looks delicious.”  We kept the conversation loop going (the foundation of social media) and immediately replied with a positive and non-salesy message to her. She then went ahead and confirmed that she would try the product and that she was so “glad she saw our tweet.”

This sale is a direct result of Twitter activity and is proof that the work can indeed payoff. We think it is worth the time to generate the revenue from this customer, and given the retention rates of this client, we’d assume that the lifetime value and continued revenue makes this a home run.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.26.02 AMThe cherry on top of all of this, is that this particular user is an influencer on the platform, with 12K+ followers which brings us free exposure to her audience. She is also a plant based eater, who talks and writes about excellent customer service – something she experienced first hand here. = GRAND SLAM!


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Tips for Twitter Chats


When it comes to promoting your brand and connecting with fans on social media, there aren’t many options better than Twitter. It allows you to talk to and connect with fans in a way that’s different than other platforms. And one way to make Twitter even more fun and interactive is to host a Twitter chat. Social Media Examiner has a list of ways to host and promote a successful chat on Twitter.

1)   Pick a topic. Don’t just make it about promoting your company, make it about a topic that will help your community of followers.
2)   Do some research. Check out other Twitter chats similar to the one you’re hoping to host, and see who was invited, how the topic of conversation was controlled, and how the best way to stay involved is.
3)   Choose a date and time for your Twitter chat. Keep in mind when most people are free and out of work, and don’t schedule it for a time that will clash with other Twitter chats.
4)   Name your chat. Pick an original but simple hashtag to use along with your chat.
5)   Send out the invitations. Pick at least 20 people you want to invite to the chat, and start securing guests at least two weeks beforehand.
6)   Once you have guests secured, start preparing questions. Think of around 7-10 questions to send out to your guests three days in advance to give them time to prepare answers for a discussion.
7)   Make sure to promote your chat. Get the word out well in advance to build excitement and interest.
8)   Run your chat. Make sure you have a basic script to run off of so that you’re prepared, and use tools such as TweetChat to manage your chat.
9)   Lastly, keep track of your results. Tools like Hashtracking can provide real-time insight to how your Twitter chat is doing.

Twitter chats may seem like a lot of work at first, but with some practice they’re easy to get the hang of. They’re also a great way to connect with fans and promote your brand.

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Tips for creating video content


In the past few years, video has become much more popular in social media and marketing. With things like the introduction of video on Instagram and instant video on Twitter, it’s no wonder people are using it more. Video provides a unique way to tell a story through your social media accounts that will let you engage your audience in a new way. Social Media Examiner came up with eight ways to use video to interact with your brand’s fans and followers.

1)   Post videos that fans create. This will provide your company with engaging content that other fans and followers can relate to.
2)   Use video content to create a fictional series. This will entertain your audience while showing your product in use.
3)   Share personal stories to connect with and relate to your audience.
4)   Try shooting a documentary-style video. This will be entertaining and informational for your viewers.
5)   Video interviews with influential people in your company’s industry are a great way to share information that your audience is interested in.
6)   Give viewers a behind-the-scene look at your company. It will engage viewers while giving them a peek inside the business.
7)   Animated videos are a fun way to present information to viewers while still providing them entertainment.
8)   A classic “how-to” video tutorial is fun, educational, and interactive for your audience.

Video has become increasingly important in social media marketing, and for your brand to find success you have to create original content that tells a story your audience can connect with.

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Engage Your Audience


Courtesy of: usbne.com

Having an audience on social media is important, but having an audience that engages with you is even more important. Engagement shows interest, which is something every brand should strive for with their social media accounts. If you’re looking to spark more dialogue between your brand and your brand’s fans, check out these tips from Social Media Examiner.

Creative Questions
Ask your fans questions in a creative way to inspire them to answer. Give them a multiple-choice question, or an interesting graphic, and they will be more likely to respond. Take a look at the brand Zomato for some good examples of this. And don’t forget to be relatable and have a good sense of humor. People respond well to personality.

Unique Contests
The use of contests to engage with fans has become commonplace, so it is important to do something a little different when coming up with a contest idea for your brand. Think outside of the box and do something fun, while still pertaining to your brand, such as contest Turbo Tax did during tax season.

Open your social media page up to dialogue by offering a Q&A session. Invite fans and followers to ask you any question they may have about your brand, goods, or services. NASA holds sessions like this on Google Hangouts to get people talking. People will always have questions, just open the floor and give them a place to ask.

Tag People
When you share posts on social media, tag the original creator. It is likely the creator will thank you, and it will lead to more eyes on your post. If you create an original post, tag all the people, brands, and experts mentioned in the post. This draws more people into the fold, and they’re likely to share and mention you. Drawing people into a post by tagging them starts a discussion.

Ask Fans for Content
A fun way to encourage engagement is by having your fans contribute to your brand’s social media content. A great example of this is when Starbucks held the #WhiteCupContest, where they had people send in pictures of the artwork they doodled on the iconic white Starbucks cups to share on their social media sites. Getting fans involved will make them excited to engage, and they are likely to share with their friends.

Do Good
Social causes are a great way to get more people involved on your page and do something nice for others. Cosmetics company Estée Lauder did a breast cancer awareness campaign by asking their fans to share their stories of breast cancer, and this was a way to engage their fans while spreading a worthy cause. Find a cause your brand can get behind, and then launch a campaign supporting it.

Stay Relevant
The easiest way to encourage engagement and get people talking is to keep up with current events. Papa Johns did a good job of this by incorporating March Madness into their Facebook post. Posting about current events is good for engagement because it’s using things people are already talking about.

There are a lot of ways you can encourage engagement and dialogue on your social media pages. The most important thing is to let creativity and personality shine through all that you post.

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How To Use New Twitter Video Feature

Courtesy of: http://musicbiz101wp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/twitter-video.jpg

Courtesy of: http://musicbiz101wp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/twitter-video.jpg

Twitter now offers a video feature. The app now allows you to upload videos from your camera roll or take and edit a video without leaving the app. Video is a great tool for businesses to tell a story and connect with their fans and followers.

Check out some tips from Social Media Examiner about how to use the video on Twitter to your full advantage.

1) Use it to chat/answer questions. If someone tweets at your business with a question, a great way to personalize the response is with a quick video of you explaining the answer.
2) Try video in live tweets. People love constant updates on events they can’t be at. A great way to bring them there and garner attention for your business is by showing them the event through video.
3) Inform and educate your audience. You can use video to create short promotional videos that engage and educate your viewers.
4) Get your followers involved. A fun way to use video and increase engagement with your followers is to have them send you videos or hold a video contest. This will get them talking about and using your product for a video, while still having fun and engaging with your brand on social media.

Video has long been known to increase user engagement and visual media drives traffic to your business. With Twitter already being one of the top ways to engage and interact with fans, utilizing the new video feature will be an important way to stay ahead of the competition.

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How To: Increase Engagement on Twitter


Twitter is more than just 140 character messages. It’s a way to share content, spread news, and market your brand. It is more than having tens of thousands of Twitter followers, but rather having content that your followers will actually pay attention to and interact with.

There are many different ways users can interact with a tweet. The obvious ones are by favoriting, retweeting, or replying to a tweet. However, users can also click your hashtags, @-mentions, links, pictures, white space to expand the tweet, your Twitter handle to view your profile, or the follow button.

Generally the most important click is the click on a link. According to Hubspot Blogs, link clicks account for 92% of tweet interactions. Link clicks give you the best chance of gaining views, shares, and traffic on the content you post.

Gaining clicks on Twitter can be done if you’re willing to put the work in. Here are some quick tips to get the most out of Twitter:

1)   Make sure your language is clear and to the point, don’t be ambiguous.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.35.01 PM

2)   Good headlines make the best tweets
3)   Use verbs and the active voice
4)   Don’t overload your audience with statistics
5)   Experiment to find the optimum time to send out tweets for the most interaction
6)   Use images to grab people’s attention

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.34.21 PM

7)   Spread your tweets out over time, don’t bombard people’s timelines
8)   Use hashtags, but only a few

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.34.35 PM

9)   Call people to action, ask them to do something

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.31.50 PM

10)  The link can go in the middle of the tweet instead of at the end
11)  Get people’s attention by mentioning Twitter
12)  Use infographics
13)  Double check that your links work

These tips are based on studies to help maximize your Twitter potential and get the most success possible out of using the social media site to grow your brand. Give them a try and see your engagement grow.

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Meerkating: The New Marketing?


The Meerkat App has been creating a lot of buzz lately and is poised to be a potential game changer in the social media content space.  Yes you have definitely heard that line before, but this time it might be true.

It is a very simple concept: live streaming video content that is linked to Twitter, but the meaning and impact of it are much more profound.  Now anyone with a phone and the app can share their experiences, live with all corners of the world.  There is sure to be some very dull content making its way around, but imagine the impact it can have on news as it unfolds.  Especially with the ability for tweeting back to the streamer (publisher) of the video in real time and engaging in conversation on the content.

Brands will find creative ways to get involved and control the conversation from their point of view and consumers will get unique access that they haven’t had before.  This article on Time.com highlights some of the concerns regarding how you can limit the streaming of content that is restricted and that is certain to become a very hot topic on the coming months.

For now, we suggest you download the app and take it for a spin.  Unleash your inner Meerkat.

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Get Creative, Get Retweets



We all understand the basics of Twitter; don’t overkill with hashtags, keep your tweets short, aim for retweets, and use images. The end goal is to obviously get as many retweets as possible. The more eyes on your content means greater engagement, which will increase your overall reach.

Here are some ideas from Social Media Today to help gain more retweets.

1. Use colorful images for more retweets.

Tweets containing images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. Images with rich, saturated colors get five times the retweets.

2. Use mini info-graphics and charts.

People love mini-infographics on Twitter because they can instantly see a lot of information without having to go to another website or platform. If the writing is small, they can still get a basic understanding of it in the larger text and then decide if they want to read it or click through. People naturally want to engage and share these info-graphics.

If you’re posting a link to an article with a chart in it, try downloading the chart first. Then upload it to Twitter as an image including the short URL instead of just hitting the Tweet button. It’s visually engaging and allows people to share something educational and informative.

3. Make them laugh.

If you can make someone laugh, they will retweet it. It is as simple as that.

4. Make them want to retweet your useful content.

People love to share content that may help someone they know, or even something they know somebody else will like. Know your audience and be relevant.

5. Be real.

You want your twitters followers to feel like they know you or your brand. Build a relationship with them and they will be loyal.

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Tweet, Be Heard, Be Influential


To many, engagement on Twitter consists of retweets and favorites. According to an article published on Social Media Today, engagement on Twitter is driven by many factors which are listed below.

Social Authority

“Social Authority helps you find, optimize, and engage your Twitter audience. It’s a 1 to 100 point scale that measures a user’s influential content on Twitter.” In order to calculate the number on the scale many things are required. The first, examining the user’s follower count. Once that is obtained, it is then correlated with the number of retweets that the tweet receives. The amount of Social Authority a user’s content creates has an impact on the number of retweets and favorites it is most likely to get. For more information on Social Authority visit https://followerwonk.com/social-authority.


One of the biggest influences on engagement is done by including an image in the tweet that is going to be posted. Although images work great, it important to use them at the right time. Images on Twitter do not have to be use every time a tweet is posted. Using images on twitter is the most effective when it stands out on a Twitter timeline. It is less effective when the image overwhelms the timeline.

Character Count and Time of Day

To Twitter users, it is clear that tweets can only reach a maximum of 140 characters. Increasing character length could lead to more retweets and favorites. Time of day has no impact on the chances of getting at least one retweet. Since Twitter is used as a news feed, many users spend time on the site scrolling and could possibly retweet something that was posted earlier that day. This action could lessen the effect of the newly posted tweet a user is wishing to gain engagement from. Tweeting during peak business hours becomes difficult and it is harder to gain engagement. Therefore, tweets posted in off business hours may be more effective.

Other Factors

Besides the factors described above, there are also other elements that could be added to a tweet to drive more engagement.  For example, these factors could be including mentions, hashtags, and links in your tweets. Using one of those elements could influence the gain in the number of retweets and favorites a tweet will receive. Hashtags are the most influential to use in a tweet if a user wants to gain more engagement.

By taking these factors into consideration, a user can gain the most out of their time spent on Twitter. It is important however, to remember to only use mentions, images, hashtags, and links at the right time and place. For more details on Twitter engagement head over to Social Media Today!

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