Google Analytics-Worthwhile?

A lot of business owners ask me if I think they should be using Google Analytics.  My answers is always:

  1. If you will react to data you find in analytics then yes, of course you should be tracking analytics on your website
  2. Google Analytics are free and intuitive, but they are not the only version you should consider.  If your business is more sophisticated online and you are really optimizing page performance I really like Webtrends (especially with their new interface)
  3. If you are committed to measure ROI and review KPI’s on marketing efforts then you should constantly be analyzing your website to make sure that you aren’t losing traffic when they get there.  Marketing efforts might be stellar in bringing people to fish, but if you aren’t going to make the lake fishing conducive then you there might not be any fish caught. Measured behavior once users come to your website and then onsite optimization are so important.
  4. If you are selling products online and/or trying to drive leads from your website then optimization based on analytics is a must!
  5. If you are approaching social from a marketing angle only then it is imperative to really have an understanding of what the value of a social referral to your website really is.

Click here to see a recent article about upgrades in social reporting that Google Analytics launched this week.  It really helps you better understand the value in social interactions, and can arm you to make some really good moves for your business.

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