On the importance of a website, even without E-commerce…

On this episode, we talk about the importance of a website even if E-commerce is not your main focus. Some brands punt the website experience or seriously under-invest in it if they aren’t selling product there. This is a mistake and it compromises your social media efforts and limits your ability for exposure and conversions on Amazon and/or at retail partners.

You need to invest more time and effort into your web experience and create some deeper connections with customers and prospects. You can set up retargeting, couponing and/or email captures all of which have value regardless of where you transact. You can also set up your future E-commerce aspirations by spending time harvesting interest and engagement on your non-sales oriented website now.

Don’t sleep on it!


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Personal Brand Websites

On the web it is really important to control the message about yourself as a personal brand.  Granted there are a number of great Social Networks that individuals like myself use all day long to get the word out about who they are and what they represent.  The problem is, either each one only covers a small piece, some people don’t use certain networks and/OR people generally have a very set  process that governs how they use each platform.  As a result the message doesn’t always carry over from one to another, making it very difficult to get a very clear snapshot of that individual in totality.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 4.35.29 PMWe have begun creating personal brand websites to help combat this.  One centralized website that is well branded (very important!) and very clear in its delivery can go a long way.  We implement responsive design, so the site adapts to all different types of devices and a very clean and fluid website sturcture.  You dont want to distract from the message, which is clearly defining the persona.

This website we recently launched for our client Gregory C. Frank is a perfect example of a well executed personal brand website.  We were able to capture the essence of the individual and showcase/highlight the various business initiatives he is involved in.  This was perfectly suited for an aggressive Entrepreneur who has his hands in various projects. We are able to showcase each business, offer a summary statement relevant to that industry and direct users to the Social Networks and collateral he uses for each. Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 4.50.18 PM

In the end he now has a website that he can send to any and all people he comes into contact with that helps better explain who he is and streamlines the conversation for his prospects. This is an intelligent first conversation step and is useful in helping him cross pollinate between his different interests and professions when warranted.

Want to learn how you can get your very own, responsive-personal brand website?  Email us at hello@Sircle(dot)me

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