Social Media fishing: Where are the consumers?

As marketers set out in the world of social media it is incredibly useful to know the demographics on each platform. As a brand or business you only have so much time to put into these new efforts and you don’t want to be fishing for too long in the wrong waters.

Content creation really is the most important piece of any online strategy, but then deploying that content to the right audience takes a little creativity and know how. For example, if you want to target affluent women, where are they? Pinterest sure seems like the place to be.

If your product or service has a clearly defined core age demographic then it is smart to know the numbers. Google+ core is 26-34 whereas Pinterest core is 35-44. Going heavy on the platforms that best match your target can definitely go a long way towards increased conversions. Then you have a working/winning formula in social media!

Below is an infographic that offers some insight. Check it out…Hope you find this useful!









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