Sircle Media specializes in creating visual content that stands out from the clutter. We work with our clients to help them story tell through memorable assets.



These days everyone has a pretty powerful camera in the palm of their hand. While these devices can produce images that are useful and often quite good, most brands also need help from a trained photographer, working on professional equipment, who can not only capture the moment but can also work their magic in post-production. We fill that need.


Shooting live video is a very important and impactful component of a brand's social media content plan, but it can be very expensive and often overpriced with most agencies. They typically don't love to create short-form social content and will overcharge to tackle the project. We understand that this is a "must-have" and we actually love doing it, so we keep our costs low to help our clients get what they actually need.


This is an asset type that takes patience and skill to pull off correctly. If done poorly, it can come across as sloppy and unprofessional. if done right, it can really stand out from the clutter and capture user attention. We are pros at making them and thoroughly enjoy the work that goes into it. We'd love to show you what we can do.


Sometimes the best videos are made at a desk and in an editing software program, rather than shooting with a camera. We feel this needs to be part of any brand's media mix that wants to be nimble and cost-efficient with their asset creation (as everyone should). With great motion graphics and animation skills on your side, you can create spectacular and memorable content for your brand. At Sicle, we've got you covered.


Good "old fashioned" graphic design work should not be discounted as part of your content game. Whether for social posts, email creative, website assets or even traditional items, such as fliers and sales sheets, excellent graphic design can be the difference between good and great. The good news is that our Graphic Designers, rock!

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