Social + Circle = Sircle How important is Social Media? 4 out of 5 internet users visit social networks and blog. 50% of which follow brands online. 56% of consumers said they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook. 77% of consumers said they interact with brands on Facebook primarily through reading compelling posts and updates from brands. 2 out of 3 Social Media users believe Twitter influences purchases. 75% of companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel. Every day on Instagram 55 million photos are uploaded, 86 million commets are posted, and 691 million photos are linked. 1 Hour and 17 minutes is how long the average american spends on Pinterest. Over 80% of pins are prepins, 80% of pinterest users are women, and 50% of all pinterest users have children. The number of users accessing the web through mobile devices has almost doubled every year since 2009. Advertising on mobile devices is similarly up; during Q4 2011, mobile advertising was up 39%. How are you going to make an impact? Find out more below.

About Us

Our primary focus might be social media, but we understand that social media and the internet are becoming more and more intertwined. If you're going to use one, you have to know how to use the other. That's why we think getting our clients online isn't just about Facebook and Twitter (even though that's a big part of it); it's about the whole enchilada.

We create the vehicles for sharing (videos, content, websites, mobile apps, etc.), the social platforms that share them ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), and the strategy for each business to use all of these tools to their fullest.

When we start with a client, we do a full diagnostic of the company, product(s), and industry to determine the best strategy for them. This diagnostic includes a detailed explanation on what, why, and how their business can and should use social media to further their business objectives. Once we know where you are now, we can figure out how to get you to where you want to be. Have a complicated product? A video explanation might be recommended. Have an outdated website? We will create a new one for you. Need to improve visibility on search engines? Our SEO fulfillment is some of the best in the business.

Whatever the need is, we have the solution and we work on our client's behalf to keep the costs down and the product quality at its best.


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Our Work

Featured Design & Development

Our client HARD Beverages needed a way to feature the DJ's within its network through Facebook. We needed to create a tab that was well branded and properly represented the company. Of equal importance was the necessity to increase on Facebook engagement and encourage users to share with their networks thus increasing viral reach.

HARD DJ's Tab - small
HARD DJ's Tab - large

The client already had a list of DJ's and felt strongly that they wanted to present them in a creative way. We recommended a profile image, bio, and a showcased song for each artist. We used Soundcloud to allow the user to listen to some of the music that a DJ has made, which gave each "featured DJ" some real content. We then included the ability to view more songs, and links to the DJ's Facebook and Twitter pages for good measure.

We knew that if users were going to share this tab on Facebook or Twitter, they would most likely be sharing a specific DJ, and not the entire tab. This meant that when a user shared the link to the tab, it had to tell Facebook which DJ should be featured. With this in place, if a user shared a specific DJ, then a second user should be taken to the same DJ that was originally shared. This helped make the tab more "viral", and less confusing for anyone who clicked on a shared link. With the design and functionality done, there was just one more thing to do: FanGate it!

A FanGate is a function that separates users that have already liked the Facebook Page that the tab is on, and those who haven't (ie; fans and non-fans). Knowing this allows us to force users to "like" the OfficiallyHARD Facebook Page (if they haven't already) before being able to use the tab. This increases the share-ability of the Facebook Page as a whole and leads to increased engagement across the board.

Not only was this a great project to work on with some unique challenges, it also gave us a framework of some new and different things you can do with Facebook tabs. With the basic idea of giving the user a choice of "featured" information. you could make all kinds of tabs; including staff bios, product descriptions, store-locations maps and directions, and much more!

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We produce impactful videos that help our clients explain who they are and what products or services they offer. There is no more powerful content generating vehicle than a well-produced video.

Case Studies

Aquatalia Logo
Luxury Footwear brand, Aquatalia wanted to create a social content plan that would allow them to support their various initiatives. Main priority at the time was to promote their newly launched e-commerce website, without alienating their important retailer relationships that are the foundation of their business.
Sircle Media creates a social messaging plan that builds the brand first, through strong community messaging. We wanted to paint a picture for our customers so they could see who we are behind the products. This effectively built their loyalty and trust and then allowed us to showcase our product in a more indirect non-salesy manner. We worked hard to show that fans can purchase both through the website as well as via retailers both on and offline.
    The Results
  • Facebook Fan
    Increase of 11,000+
    In 5 months
  • Instagram Fan
    Increase of 714
    In 5 months
  • Pinterest Fan
    Increase of 814
    In 5 months
  • Social Media
    "Referred" Traffic up
    800% + Sales by 500%
Sircle Media is more than a Social Media Company. They are a true partner for all things digital. They see the full 360 picture, set a plan and then execute! Cliff Chang - Marketing Manager Aquatalia
Madame Alexander Logo
Established in 1923 Madame Alexander Doll Co. had established itself as a real leader in the manufacturing of collectable dolls. The brand was facing a dilemma however, of trying to stay relevant to their aging fan base while also striking up a conversation with a new and younger one. They also wanted to grow their community without the use of “paid” media.
Sircle Media recommends a Community Messaging plan that showcases the presentation of the brand's collectible items while also introducing their new product lines to a younger audience. We worked hard to strike a nice balance in our weekly storytelling and employed various social networks for a multi-pronged content approach. We were able to earn fans through content messaging, contests and collaboration with partner organizations.
    The Results
  • Facebook Fan Increase Of 29,000+
    in 7 months
  • Average Facebook
    Post reach up by
    Over 800%
  • Fan Base moved from
    70% over 44 years old
    to less than 48%
  • Social Media "Referred" Traffic up from zero to #2 on Google Analytics
Working with Sircle Media has been a total pleasure. Not only are they social media experts, but they really understand the complete digital picture. It is incredibly helpful to have a partner who is well versed in all areas to help not only handle social, but to execute effectively! Judy Herbst - Marketing Director Madame Alexander
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